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John's CBD Lifter contains the highest amount of cannabidiol (CBD), including 20% CBDA and 0.50% CBD. These will help in enhancing Lifter’s boosting effects.  Our Organic Lifter flower is nurtured in closed environments, in the fertile soil, using the best organic practices. This exquisite, CBD-rich hemp flower will elevate the senses, giving way for relaxation that we all crave for, after a restless day at work.

John’s Sour Space Candy is a 100% organic product. We strictly adhere to organic farming practices in growing these buds. We do not use any chemical herbicides, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers. Each strain is a third-party lab tested and approved by the relevant government agency.  Sour space candy contains 19% CBD and only 0.06% THC. The subtle flavors taste excellent when smoked and shine when vaporized with a dry herb vaporizer.  Sour Space candy is beneficial For lots of things, from Pain to Stress Relief. The strain can also help you to concentrate and relieve the stress of the day.