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Hi this is John, owner of John’s CBD. I first started the company as a distributor website to ensure I had personally had access to CBD oil and to help make it available to others like me who had positive experiences. I first tried CBD oil when I had progressive headaches and loss of vision that sent me to the ER. I was worked up by a neurologist with CT and MRI scans, as well as a spinal tap. They found I had seven lesions on my brain, and the general consensus from the five or six neurologists that I’ve seen is that I have MS multiple sclerosis, but it could also be scarring from prior injury or sports trauma. All I knew was that I was suffering from terrible headaches with occasional loss of vision, and terrified. There was nothing that they could do to help. The headaches were debilitating, and all I could do when I got home from work, was to sleep and isolate myself in a dark room, losing precious time. Over 8 years, there has been no progression or growth of the lesions, which baffles the neurologist. However, I don’t think it is a coincidence because shortly after the headaches started, I tried CBD and it significantly helped me. Not only that, but when I didn’t take it, the headaches would start to come back.

At that time, it was very difficult to get CBD oil in Texas. I work in the oil and gas industry, so I was very apprehensive about taking a cannabinoid product. But after seeing a direct correlation between taking good high-quality CBD and my improved symptoms, versus taking none or low-quality CBD and my worsening symptoms, I decided to start my own CBD company. Having my own company ensured that I would not only have access, but I could ensure good quality, I could make it organic, ensure accurate labeling of products since I regularly take drug tests in the industry, and keep costs affordable and more accessible not just for me, but others. Since starting my company, I have heard many stories from customers that reaffirm that I made the right choice. Not only that, but I don’t get the debilitating headaches anymore. I couldn’t be more pleased to get my health back, and ensure access to good quality, accurately labeled, organic CBD products, at affordable pricing. I continually expand my product line to meet people’s needs. Even my dogs get CBD whenever a storm comes.

John’s CBD is now 6 years old and has nearly doubled in size each year, primarily due to word-of-mouth recommendations and quality products that work. Last year, John’s CBD got an Industrial Hemp license from the Texas Department of Agriculture and started to grow CBD hemp. As we grow, the company goal is to make the best possible products available at the best price, so all can share the benefits of cannabinoids.

I thank God to be blessed with the discovery of CBD’s benefits and for enabling me to offer it to the thousands of people that John’s CBD has helped over the years, and will help in the future.

John's CBD

Farmer John