Why You Need Disposable Face Masks And How To Pick One For Your Business

Just look around yourself— do face masks remind you of the world in a huge mess? Are they screaming in your ears, loud and distinct, that if you don’t have the strap around your mouth and nose, you will be sharing the bed with ‘co-rona’ patients?

Honestly, we think that these masks have become silver bullets against viruses, if not Corona. The thin-folded material which sprawls in the bottom half of your face is good enough to keep some viral infections at bay— sometimes Corona as well.

“These masks have seeped into society as a dress-code by the strict military orders of CoronaVirus,” said one of the floating-airborne viruses. Haha! Well, keeping the jokes aside, people are really hopeful that concealing their faces behind the masks would prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

The hope has skyrocketed so high that the shelves which displayed ample face masks of different styles and varieties have gone empty, and stores don’t have enough stock to meet the needs of customers. The ones who have are selling them at unimaginable rates, and those who don’t are trying to come up with new mask type ideas to penetrate in the market.

One of these mask types is disposable face masks.

So, what is a disposable face mask?

The biggest problem with face masks is that people want them reusable, so they don’t have to shed their bank balance literally every day. We do have reusable cotton and cloth masks with multi-configurations.

Some reusable masks have double or triple padded cloth materials to introduce more safety. In contrast, a fair share of masks in the market has nothing to do with safety— they are strapped to be hung around the neck and ears and have a no-added layer of protection.

But is it safe to wear these reusable masks? We’d say it’s better to wear them off than not to wear them at all. But these masks don’t go well in some businesses that involve daily interaction with a large number of clients— like retail businesses, diagnosis centers, and sports clubs.

Plus, some people never want to sanitize their masks— they like to use it repeatedly until they are the source of contamination. And many places don’t have strict guidelines regarding mask cleaning that often result in even dangerous surroundings for others.

Disposable masks challenge all the problems bubbling out of the reusable covers. While you can use reusable masks if you don’t have substantial interaction throughout your day— you should always look for a better alternative such as disposable masks if you actively contact people in businesses like restaurants and service centers.

What are the variants of disposable face masks?

Like face masks, disposable face masks are further divided into several other types with distinct features that make them precise fit for particular goals.

Again, it can be a daunting experience to rummage around for a perfect disposable mask that sits well with your industry. However, you will have to get into its details (which can get annoying) to pick the right shield for your face. So, here’s a thing to start with.

How would you react if I say that masks are not meant to prevent you, but prevent others from your infectious agents in the body? That’s right! If you are in a customer-engagement business— masks are meant to hold back airborne droplets in your mouth and nose. Similarly, your customer wearing mask implies that she doesn’t want to spread the airborne particles to your respiratory system.

Wearing a mask simply means to assume yourself as a corona patient and save others from ‘your’ outbreak. The information is not to offend but educate you.

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What should you look for in a disposable mask?

Depending on your work and interaction percentage— you should look for specific metrics to filter the ideal mask. Here’s the metric list that will let you handpick your favorite cover.

Looking for a ‘fluid-resistant’ mask?

If you are a clinician or a health worker, a fluid-resistant mask is your go-to mask as dealing with human liquids like blood, semen, and other bodily fluids is quite common in your stream. N95 is one of the most renowned fluid-resistant masks that captures 95% of the fluid particles. It’s a disposable mask that also prevents dust and molds.

Looking for a ‘breathable’ mask?

Not all masks are comfortable to breathe. Some manufacturers with no breathability testing end up producing non-breathable masks. It would help if you went for the mask that lets you breathe properly. Again, it doesn’t mean that you use a non-safety reusable mask. There’re masks which are safe and breathable. A 3-ply disposable surgical mask is one of them. You can use this mask if you are a surgeon not to get germs on patients.

Looking for a bacterial or particulate filtering mask?

If you are looking to hold back bacteria with sizes larger than 3 microns— you should look around for bacterial filtering masks. Similarly, to filter particles larger than 1 micron— you need a particulate filtering mask. Very few masks have bacterial and particulate filtering features. Again, N95 or KN95 masks sweep this column.

Interestingly, N95 passes all the metrics and is more effective than any other mask. However, it’s not feasible if you aren’t a health worker as its cost will burn down your pockets.

What do we have in our kitty for you?

Well, the one we have been talking about for so long. Finally, the time has come to unmask our mask.

The mask— which can be used for multipurpose work. The mask— which will prevent others from you and prevent you from others. The mask— which is highly breathable and has flexible straps! Potheads and pothearts— we call it— the disposable face masks by John’s CBD.

Yes, we have been slaying in our CBD department with our highly-appreciated products such as lifter CBD and THC free CBD oil, and that has made us come up with our very own disposable masks to take care of our buyers.

How do we take manufacturing care?

Going by our reputation, we are committed to ensuring high-quality, dust-free disposable face masks that pass the breathability and anti-bacterial test. If you are weary off searching cheap disposable masks to safeguard your public appearances, our scientifically-designed mask will make sure that you have the cover worth its price.

Available in retail and wholesale— grab your box of the mask to avoid fines and take up your responsibilities seriously to fend off coronavirus away from you and family.

So, what’s the wait about? Hit our web store and buy face masks online.

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