When to take cbd for sleep: maxing out its effectiveness like a pro

"To everything, there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven." Guess the sassy dude who said this. Think hard! Well, it's the cross guy hung in your drawing room's painting. Yes, the same guy with a long white-wooly hair and a magnanimous heart.

"I don't know, Jesus effing Christ! Could you tell me in straight words?"

Well, you said it yourself. Jesus Christ. The lad knew everything on earth has a causal effect, much before Newton proposed it. You eat an apple, you stay healthy. You sleep less, you wake up tired. You laugh a lot, your cheekbones hurt. The outcome of B happened because A happened.

But I would rephrase the quote "to everything there is a time, even when you’re having cbd."

Cbd has become a household staple now. Everyone wants to have it. Check your tongue, and you could sense the cbd you tasted a few minutes ago. Such is the level of versatility and safety with this herb; anyone can take it anytime. Quite literally!

I mean... you must have seen how doctors prescribe other traditional drugs. You've to be right on time while having them. You have to set reminders. You've to slap your alarm bells before taking these drugs. And if you miss them or gulp at unusual timings, they react abnormally with your body. If radicalism had a face, it would be these super-suicidal chemical-loaded drugs.

But cbd has a switch-mode, it always toggles on and off.

Unlike these traditional drugs, I think this cannabis's therapeutic molecule is quite different. It has an invisible switch. No one has seen it, but it somehow toggles on and off the time of day you take.

Want to work long hours like those crazy-level tech-giant CEOs? Toss some pills and tear-off the day like a never-stopping missile. Willing to sleep like the cute-hefty Pokemon bear Snorlax? Slather some cbd oil for sleep in your basic lasagna & meaty sauce, and voila! You've got the power of relaxful sleep. Even the lilliputians poking their arrows and pins on you can't wake your gulliver's sleep. Just kidding! But you get the gist of how versatile the pot-shot is.

The point is: cbd is so safe you can take it anytime around. It will switch its roles and behave the way you wish. Think of it as an energizer in the daytime, or consider it as a calming alternative at night; whatever comes to your mind, and cbd adapts to those roles, quite proficiently.

But is it necessary to take cbd products at a specific time?

A Sand clock

As I said, cbd is not as radical as traditional drugs! It takes up a specific job whenever you take it. That said, should you be carefree about it? Does cbd give you the license to have it whenever you want to abuse it?

Well, first of all, you can't abuse cbd. I mean… you'd want to overdose on it to feel a euphoric kick as Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison, but you can't. Unfortunately, cbd is very safe in this case. *This is not the end, my only friend* But should you follow a schedule while having the medicinal strain? Does it really affect your intent?

Honestly, there's no harm in goofing-up your cbd schedule. The only difference would be it wouldn't act when you want it the most. Would you want to eat something when you're full? Would you drive a car when you're on a huge honeymoon cruise?

Then why would you have cbd in the morning when you want to sleep well the succeeding night? There has to be a logical algorithm for putting cbd in your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. No, there's no harm except you'd be hyperactive at night and dull in the day's time.

So how do you determine when to take cbd?

Hemp plant

Logic dictates it's best to have cbd oil with melatonin right before bedtime and cbd for energy a few hours before work. But it's not quite as always as you think. Some people say they feel stimulated with cbd oil for sleep. So they have a hard time catching Zzzzz! Others say cbd relaxes them so much at the workplace they feel connected to other resting realms.

You see... not everyone feels the same effect! Not that cbd is not working. It's! Just the way it wants and not the way you want. So you'd like to tame this pantry-staple spirited-element to prevent any disruption to your daily rhythms. And it's not rocket science. Determining it easy based on three crucial factors:

  • The intent of taking cbd
  • The dosage of cbd
  • The type of cbd variant

Once you've taken cbd for a week or two, you'll anyway know when it suits you the most. Remember your chemistry lab teacher? She used to note down all the observations of the experiment and then come up with inferences. We're more or less into the experimental space, and you're the lab rat here. You'll play around cbd for 10-15 days and note down how it behaves with your body! And bam! Followed by the conclusion!

Let's check out how these three factors can help you determine when to take cbd.

#1 The intent of having cbd

Ask yourself: why do you have cbd? Is it to regulate mood? Is it to control waist circumference popping-out of your belt? What about the irritating pimples on your face? And sleep? Does it feel like you haven't slept in years, but when you hit the bed, the sleep evaporates like alcohol left in the scorching sun to dry?

People take cbd for different reasons. So your first job is to ask your intent. What is it you want cbd to do for you? What're you expecting it to solve? As I mentioned, some people have it during the day, which keeps them de-stressed that eventually calms sleep behavior at night. The others take it before bed to reap the maximum potential while they sleep.

Once you know the problem you're trying to address with cbd, it'll be easier for you to determine the other two factors: the type of cbd product you need and the dose you should take.

#2 The cbd dosage

Again, not all bodies are equal. What dosage serving works for you may not work for your friends and relatives. So yeah, don't be an over-confident non-doctor expert at a party. Your prescription might not go well with others.

But in general, I'd say 1ml of regular cbd should do the trick if you've just hit the race. Let's say you plan out to sleep better, 1ml of cbd oil with melatonin may be a good start.

You can mix it up, creatively! You know it's not a hard drug. So here's what you can do:

  • Split the doses: You don't need to have the entire dose at one go. You can split equal doses (0.5ml) between the morning and evening to balance its effect.
  • Enhance the dose: 1ml is not a huge amount. If it doesn't work the way you would have wanted to, double the frigging amount! So 1ml in the morning and 1ml in the evening would let you see the day through with utter calmness and peace.

Cbd is like a balloon.

You must be thinking if you can't overdose on cbd, why not have it more. Sure! The more you take it, the higher the efficiency power. U...n...t...i...l the balloon deflates.

Think of cbd as a balloon! Yes, the ones that you inflated on your own birthdays. How many of them did you blast by over-pumping? A lot many, no? That's because when you pump the air, the balloon inflates and decorates the room. But if you try to over-blow the trumpet (like the balloon man vigilante), the rubber blast-offs, resulting in nothing but waste!

Cbd is quite similar to it. You fill your stomach with a certain dose amount, and everything looks fine and smooth for a moment. You increase its dose, and you suddenly observe better effects in your body. But then you eventually reach a saturation level where everything deflates, and the product is nothing but a waste. So it's extremely important to find the level where cbd doesn't burst off like a balloon and remain useful.

#3 The variations in cbd products

Like you and I have rough patches & ups/downs throughout the year, cbd has its own problems to face if she's tossed through the lingual mode! It's not an easy pathway for her.

The biggest roadblocks on her way is the digestive system itself. She has to go through first-pass metabolism, a kind of filtering concentration camp, that throws away her significant percentage out of the system.

So what you have remained in the system are the holocaust survivors. Technically, it's called bioavailability. But why am I talking about it? Well, bioavailability is the key to deciding the ideal time for consuming cbd.

There could be more holocaust survivors if you pick another road that prevents cbd from going to the concentration camps, such as vaping. Vaping keeps the cbd away from the neo-nazi digestive camps and helps it react quite directly with the system. Result? Immediate effect! Let's check out some of these products to understand better:

  • Omni cbd capsules: Okay! So these cbd capsules are great versions of cannabidiol. But as mentioned, they're the worst victims of digestive concentration camps. As a result, they work slow and steady like a tortoise. So if you want to seize the day, take it in the morning and expect it to work slowly as the day progresses. For sleep, you'll want to take it right after you get home from work or post-dinner. It would help if you had a good window of hours for her to react before catching some Zs.
  • Cbd oil: Phew! Glad we have options for cbd. Cbd oils are mostly taken sublingually, if not through recipes. Please take out your tongue and roll it up. Do you see the region below your tongue? That's sublingual. So this sublingual area is kind of a heaven's shortcut. It has many micro-veins that carry cbd directly into the bloodstream without exposing it to the digestive system. So, whether it's morning time or sleeping time, place a few droplets from the dropper (1ml to start with) at your sublingual region and see the results.
  • Cbd vape: If sublingual is heaven's door, cbd vape is the magical machine that carries cbd into your systemic circulation. It's synonymous with instantaneous. You'll be flying high like the pig from Pink Floyd's famous album, Animals, as soon as you do it. But I would say it's not entirely safe! Who has smoking ever done a favor other than the ones who sell 'em but don't consume? In my eyes, cbd oil is a safe and quick fix for all your problems.

That's all great, but when to take cbd for sleep?

Cbd for sleep, or cbd for energy, you'll get answers for "when to take cbd oils for sleep" when you have ticked all the three factors. Let's check it live how you can decide:

Step 1: Checking the intent

Our intent is clear. Great! We need a tight sleep. Step 1 ticked!

Step 2: Dosage

Since we intend to sleep well, check out your schedule first! How hectic is your routine? Do you feel stressed and tired at working hours? What's your mental state by the time you hit your bed?

If the day is as tiring as night's restlessness, split the doses into two equal parts. In this case, we'll split cbd oil with melatonin into 0.5ml doses for the morning and the evening. This would help you with "seizing the day" and "freeing the night."

If your working hours are joyful and you feel tired only after a long-passionate day at the office, taking it once at night should be sufficient. Make sure you leave a passage for cbd to bloat and display its excellency.

Step 3: Selecting the cbd item

So intent ticked! Dosage ticked! Now we'll select the cbd item. How early do you want it to react? Do you have enough time between your dinner and sleeping time? Answer these questions and decide on the cbd product.

If you've to sleep right after dinner, I'd recommend cbd vaping, although it may not behave friends with your lungs. And if you can afford some hours between your dinner and sleep, cbd oil for sleep, such as cbd oil with melatonin, is a great fit for you.

You can have these oil drops tossed in your recipes, but they'd again become a part of nazi's conspiracy. Do you see it? So take cbd oil sublingually for the maximum effectiveness.

What all cbd oil with melatonin can do when you take it before sleep

When did you wake up energetic last time? Relax and calmful rest has become a luxury, and cbd is a cheap way to enjoy it. Here's what will happen when you take cbd oil with melatonin:

#1 Your hard day is no harder

Recent brain development studies have shown millennials and Genz feel tired and stressed more than boomers did post-war eras. So the world has been so kind off-late, yet, the power of nihilism leads to stress, anxiety, and depression after a working day. But cbd is like substituting your hard day into a soft-relaxed evening! The sedative effects of cbd are very calming and turn the day's stress into joy!

#2 Smooth sleep cycle and energetic morning

Heads stuffed with day's chores and night's restlessness disturb the sleep cycle big time. Cbd oil with melatonin has a key ingredient for deep slumber: melatonin hormones. These are the sleeping hormones responsible for your sleep. Also, the oil manages REM sleep disorders that cause tremors and nightmares. So getting it checked is one good method to sleep tight!

#3 Puts brake to the train of thoughts

If bathrooms are the sources of good ideas, beds are often the sources of terrible ideas. You might feel sleepy while you sit, but the moment you go horizontal, the sleep disappears in the greatest Houdini act played by your brain. Cbd oil with melatonin induces a sense of tranquility that stops us from over-thinking. As a result, the Houdini is caged in his own cells!

What did you learn? Can you repeat it with me?

You learned... that cbd is one of the most versatile alternative drugs! Have it whenever your heart says! It will affect, in one or the other way!

You learned... that it's still important to manage cbd's schedule. Not because it'll have side-effects, but because it'll maximize its efficacy.

You learned... that the best time to consume cbd is highly dependent on the body, which is gulping the oil down.

You learned... three crucial factors in determining the ideal time to take cbd for sleep or any condition as a matter of fact. a) Intent b) Dosage c) Product type

You learned... that cbd behaves as a balloon. Attractive while it's inflated in the limit. Waste with unbridled airing.

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