Top 5 Best & Recommended Ways to Take CBD Oil

The medicinal benefits of CBD are no longer secret. The truth is that millions of people are using the cannabinoid either to manage medical conditions such as arthritis, stress, pain, epilepsy, among others. Even though the findings are not conclusive, experts, mainly medical researchers and academia haven’t doubted the fact that cannabidiol can really manage some symptoms of medical conditions. As more investment goes into researching the benefits, people are excited by the fact that there is a supplement that can make lives better. Skeptics have finally realized that indeed CBD works, especially after FDA licensed the first drug with CBD as an active ingredient to manage stubborn forms of epilepsy. 

In the beginning, the only way to take CBD was in its pure CBD oil drops. This means that you would take the whole plant extract, which was encouraged because you would end with other cannabinoids that are still deemed effective and useful. But there was a challenge; one of them, tetrahydrocannabinol is psychoactive- it makes users high. If you are ailing, the last thing is to get high. To fix this, most CBD products in the market are made from hemp-extracted CBD oil, which is legal and recommended because its THC content is below 0.3%. 

Today, CBD is available in various forms; from pure oil to saturates and even vapes. Just as diverse as there are medical conditions and personalities, so there are CBD products. Using CBD, therefore, requires one to clearly understand what their preferred method of consumption is. Assuming you need instant relief, say from pain or anxiety, the best way to take CBD oil in this instance would be sublingual consumption. On the other hand, edibles might take some time to kick in, but they last longer. 

Discussed below are the top 5 ways to take CBD for the ultimate effect.

  • Sublingual consumption 

Products such as tinctures can be consumed in various ways; can be taken orally and swallowed or placed under the tongue. This is one of the most popular methods among adult men and even women. It is however not suitable for children especially because of the flavor and taste. One of the reasons why sublingual administration is common is based on the speed of effect. Studies show that, by placing pure CBD oil drops below the tongue and letting it dissolve into the bloodstream, the effects will kick in under three minutes. To use this method, you simply extract the CBD oil from a bottle, and using a dropper, place a few drops below the tongue and let them stay for a few minutes without swallowing. Some people, to avoid the taste, can use flavored pure oil or tinctures. While it is true that this one of the best ways to take CBD, it suffers from one major shortcoming; these effects last the shortest; possibly below three hours. 

  • Vape it away

Vaping is currently picking up in popularity primarily because of the speed of delivery. In fact, it is believed that all CBD oil products can be vaped; from concentrates to saturates. Vaping, itself, has risen in popularity because it is considered less toxic compared to traditional smoking. It also enjoys the highest bioavailability of up to 90%, which means that there is very minimal wastage of CBD in the process. With a higher absorption rate, those vaping expect results in less than five minutes that can last up to three hours. Though one of the best ways to take CBD oil, there is a shortcoming; you need specialized vaping devices. 

Vaping can be a rather complex process, especially for beginners. Furthermore, these devices such as vape pens, pods, cartridges, and other accessories can be costly. Therefore, if you don’t extra money to spend, then it is recommended to adhere to other alternatives such as edibles or even pure oil or tinctures. 

  • Oral consumption-edibles

This is no doubt the best way to take CBD oil if all you need is to enjoy your food but still enjoy the many benefits of CBD. Why is this ranked among the best way to take CBD oil? Well, there are numerous reasons. Top on the list is the availability of various forms of edibles. You can lick away at the candies or chew on gummies or devour your favorite cake flavor. Furthermore, you can include CBD into your daily meal routine for all the meals, depending on preferences. It is also easier to make your own edibles from your kitchen since there are numerous recipes from which you can borrow the most ideal cooking methods. The main challenge with this is the delivery time; it takes slightly longer for the effects to kick in. this is mainly attributed to the fact that the CBD oil drops have to go through the long digestive system. Second, it has a lower bioavailability compared to vaping or even sublingual since some of it is lost along the way. The main advantage of oral consumption is the fact that the effect lasts longer than any other method. It can last for as long as digestion is taking place. 

  • Popping the pill

The reason why taking a CBD pill or capsule is recommended and considered one of the best ways to take CBD oil is because of the ease of delivery. There is actually no, or very little difference between taking a CBD pill and usual prescription or over-the-counter drugs. You just pop the pill at the prescribed time and you will have the right dosage in your bloodstream. Also, it is easier to establish and stick to the prescribed dosage, which makes it convenient for long time use. However, concerns have been raised about the taste of the pill. This has been fixed with the introduction of various CBD flavors. 

  • Topical application 

The best way to take CBD oil to manage muscle and skin-related complications is to apply it to the skin. CBD-infused topical products like creams and lotions are today available and very popular. In fact, you can now enjoy a massage with CBD-infused oil. Delivery time might vary from one person based on the CBD content, but it is faster than oral consumption. 


The choice of your CBD products should be determined by various factors, especially the delivery method. If you are in urgent need, say in need of pain relief, then vaping or sublingual administration would be recommended. For muscles and skin-related applications, go for topicals. For those with families and have issues with the flavor, then the best way to take CBD oil in such cases is to stick with the edibles. The choice is yours. 

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