The Working Mechanism of CBD Topicals and How to Use

The dynamic nature of the health and wellness industry in the world means that every natural supplement that is manufactured and sold should be the best. Today, cannabidiol (CBD) products are very popular, thanks to their known medicinal values. Scientists have proven that the chemical compound, which is just one of the more than 100 other found in the cannabis plant can treat various medical conditions; pain, anxiety, manage arthritis symptoms, epilepsy, just to mention a few. 

Pain relief is however one of the most common uses of CBD products world over. These products are available in various forms, each designed to suit specific users and purposes. For example, omni pain cream is applied topically on the skin to relieve muscle pain, edibles that are consumed orally, tinctures that are consumed sublingually, among others. For the sake of this article, we will focus on topicals.

CBD topicals explained:

CBD topicals are products such as CBD oil balm for pain that are topically applied to the skin, either to cause the soothing effect and relieve pain or for the overall wellbeing of the skin. The cream can be massaged or rubbed on the skin, especially after an accident or as a normal cosmetic product. Topicals come in various forms, such as;

1. Salves and balms:

These products are not any different from normal salves or lip balms that are applied on the skin. CBD oil balm for pain is usually characterized by their thick texture because ingredients such as beeswax and others are added during the manufacturing process. They are as effective as other topicals.

2. Skin creams and lotions:

Whether your skin is dry or normal, you have obviously purchased body lotions and applied them on the skin, leaving you with a smooth and fresh-looking skin. Omni pain cream and lotions are not any different from the others, only that they are packed with CBD on top of the usuall ingredients such as aloe vera and shea butter to not only restore your health, but also help manage skin conditions such as acne and pain. 

3. Topical oils:

They resemble massage oils, only that they feel oilier. This is a category that has specifically been formulated and not the usual pure CBD oils.

Apart from the above three main categories, there are other topical products you might come across such as jellies, but the industry is still expanding and more categories are bound to be introduced into the market. 

While it is important to purchase CBD omni oil-infused products, it is important that you don’t ignore the other essential minerals and ingredients that cosmetic products should have. This helps boost their value, making them more beneficial to your skin and overall health. One important factor that must never be ignored is the intended use of the topical. Some would rather purchase products because of their relaxation effect but for CBD products, most users use them for medical purposes such as pain.

The working mechanism of CBD topicals

How CBD topicals work is not any different from how other CBD products such as edibles or vapes work. When applied to the skin, it penetrates into the bloodstream, where it connects with endocannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2 receptors, to be specific). The receptors are receive and transmit signals from various parts of the body through the endocannabinoid system to the brain, triggered a response to any form of signal/stimuli. While the body naturally produces its own endocannabinoids, consuming and using CBD products such as the omni pain cream helps boost their effectiveness in the body.

Main uses of CBD topicals

The medicinal value of CBD products can no longer be underestimated. Some people today use CBD as a daily health and wellness solution, while most users have attached medicinal value to their use. There are therefore three main uses of CBD topicals; pain relief, skincare and anxiety relief.

CBD topicals for pain relief:

Various studies, including a 2016 study on arthritic rats, have confirmed that CBD is effective in managing chronic pain that might be caused by various conditions such as arthritis. This is realized partly because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Anxiety and stress relief:

Omni oil CBD products also contain anti-anxiety and analgesic properties that makes them idea for relieving stress and anxiety. This can be various types of anxiety disorders, muscle strains associated with exercising and temporary stress.


Thinking of better skincare? Then CBD is your ultimate remedy. The anti-inflammatory properties makes CBD oil balm for pain an amazing remedy for treating dry skin, acne and even psoriasis. 

Note that despite using CBD topicals for the aforementioned purposes doesn’t necessarily affect the other therapeutic benefits CBD offers to the body.

How to effectively use CBD topicals for the best results

The best way to use topicals is to stick to the user manual in the package. In case it is missing, consult the seller. However, you should consider the following important factors;

  • Clean and dry the area of skin you intend to apply.
  • You can apply on the whole body, just like normal lotion or specific parts of the body, especially in case of muscle pains. Choose carefully because it will determine how much of the topical you will apply.
  • Massage the cream or lotion thoroughly. In some cases, multiple applications may be recommended. For hard-to-reach places such as the back, ask for help from a family member or friend.
  • Clean your hands after application and let CBD penetrate the skin

Finally, the effect of the CBD product you use will immensely be determined by the quality of the omni oil product you use. Go for known brands with higher CBD concentration for the best effect.

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