Talking about mental health is no more taboo. A proper healthcare is... Cbd oil promises strong mental support.

I'll be frank with you. I'm sick of reading "mental health is a taboo," "our society completely ignores it," and tons of blah-blah crappy hogwash.

First of all, when nine of ten social media posts talk about mental health, and when the world assigns a day off for mental health awareness, it needs an ignorance of high degree to call mental health a seldom-talked problem. Is it really the least-touched subject?

Social media has created bots out of people where one echoes the same buzzwords as others without applying central-route thinking and giving any core solution to the matter.

Anxiety, depression, stress— yes— they exist! No one has denied it! But flailing around trendy words isn't helping any cause. Not to you, not to me!

The currency of real treatment is diluted with insanely mediocre inputs by the so-called mental-experts—they pop-up every season like rain-worms. I've no shame in admitting, they're big turn-offs.

The real opportunity lies in giving real-solution. Coz, that's what legends do! And you're one of its kind. Aren't you? So behave like a legend when it comes to mental health. I'm no mental expert either.

But today, I will be sharing the most apparent nuts and bolts of anxiety and depression that you might not have ever heard. Because all rant and no solution, make awareness a dull effort.

So let those iterative programs repeat the same hymn in the same chorus. We're definitely not taking the same route— the frequently travelled one. We'll be travelling the less travelled path that's often ignored for god-knows-what-ever-reason. I call it the cbd route.

Uhh! When people should have talked sense, they followed the herd morality.

Imagine your sibling got a snake bite and there lies an elixir in your cupboard. But instead of stretching your arm towards the bottle, you go to ten of your neighbors, ask them to join your sermon, and yell over the top of the voice: snake bite is real. Don't ignore the effing bite.

People agree to your talks as if they are banging their heads in a famous metallic concert. If everything goes as per your "well-thought" plan, your brother magically stands up on his feet, runs around like Usain Bolt, and gets those groceries in two minutes which he otherwise takes an hour or two to fetch. Everyone's happy at your home. Small family, happy family! See... your tantrum has resolved the problem with such ease. Hasn't it?

Darn! That is what it is to have all the important resources to treat depression and anxiety in your closet, yet choosing to ignore it and knock on your neighbor's door. Because somehow it looks cool. Isn't it?

Ask yourself: who has herd morality ever helped? When you should have picked the organic medical drug lying in your room, you were busy sending unnecessary social cues to your neighbors.

"Nah! I don't have any anti-anxiety and antidepressant elixir. It would be better if you stop assuming dude!"

Okay, okay. Let's agree on that part. You don't have it, but you could have had it, if only you wanted to. Open your friggin eyes. Just look around the city. Cbd oil for depression and cbd oil for anxiety has made it to the top shelves of many health food stores.

Cbd stores in Texas are trying hard to make this medicinal component of marijuana accessible to maximum patients. Reason? They want to give the real solutions to the most prevalent problem in the world currently rather than breaking all hell loose mindlessly.

"But what is cbd oil?"

Cbd oil! It's the oil found on Jupiter. It's the oil our fighting space-crafts snatched from those spooky-looking aliens roaming on the asteroid belt. It's the oil that springs out of heaven's fountain. Now you know what cbd oil is. Don't you? Great! Remove this crap from your brain. I was kidding.

Cbd oil is found on earth. It's the oil for which our ancestors and presents have been fighting the authorities to legalize. It's been almost a century now. Fortunately, their efforts have paid off in recent times.

Where does it come from?

Hemp plant

Well… remember those marijuana pipes you dragged in college days? Yeah, yeah, those illegal weed strains you got from dark, murky street corners that could have got you rusticated from the college! Yeah, I know that barely mattered to you. Everyone drooled at your ever-present cigarette-sass and anything that bothered you was the broken pipe.

Cannabidiol, or call it cbd in short, comes from those cannabis sativa strains that you smoked up proudly once. The only difference is this time around; it's not psychotropic but medicinal.

So cannabis herbs have more than 100 components. Every component has a particular texture, use, and properties. Cbd is one of these components which has shown positive medical potential than any other element of cannabis, including thc. You must already be aware of thc, you naughty pothead.

Unlike cbd, thc is a psychotropic element. It helps with recreational and euphoric rides when you want to escape reality. Anyway, I'll focus more on cbd oils. Cbd oils shouldn't have more than 0.03% thc.

Anything above that obviously affects the purity, but that's not the primary concern. Anything above that invites moral policing from the local authorities. And that could be a wake-up call for you.

"What makes you so confident about CBD's role in anxiety and depression?"

Well, to answer that, you need to understand what causes depression and anxiety. Many people say depression is a result of chemical imbalance. That's the worst reductionist theory I've ever heard.

The figure of speech sounds so good that it completely misses the point, the complexity of the disease. Yes, chemicals are involved, but merely having too much or too little of brain chemicals don't answer everything about depression. So my first advice is: run away from anyone who says this.

If you ask me, I'd say a lot of factors contribute to depression: your faulty mood, genetic vulnerability, & traumatic events in life. Sometimes, medications and medical problems add to the problem.

Though I never consider anyone a noble victim of their circumstances, I do believe more often than not, depression and anxiety are physiological conditions. All these factors synergistically tune with each other to bring on chronic depression.

Again, I'd say chemicals are involved, but reducing it to a single factor or process is a joke. Instead, not one but many chemicals are involved. You'd be surprised to know that your body needs millions or even billions of chemical reactions to regulate your mood and how you feel in life.

Same with anxiety and stress. Plenty of stressful life events can lead to anxiety. For simple explanation, I'd say stress is the response to threatful events, and anxiety is a stress response.

Coming to the main point...

Yes! Cbd oil has shown some benefits over mental problems. Although we may not have worldly studies that associate the impact of cbd on depression, anxiety, and stress; we certainly have a few research papers that talk of it in high-regards.

Just because we don't have human-controlled studies, doesn't mean we don't have any study what-so-ever. And what has more weight when respondents have themselves shared their personal experiences pre and post-cbd oil consumption?

Trust me! The cbd oil resting in my closet is never out after the first use. I personally felt so relaxed and clean in my head that I had to retire my bottle of cbd oil. Interesting. Isn't it?

Where was I? Ohh! Yes. Cbd oil and depression. So I will give some research background to it. Here are some studies that might help you decide whether you need cbd oil for yourself.

#1 Cbd oil finds the balance between one too much chemical and one too little chemical for depression.

Next time when you're around a depressed body, get his serotonin and cortisol level checked. In most of the occasions, unless the person is an extraterrestrial creature, you'll find them having high cortisol and low serotonin levels. [1]

Think of these two hormones fighting a see-saw battle. When one goes up, the other goes down. If cortisol chemicals are outnumbering serotonin hormones, you'll feel dull and depressed. Self-hate and it' s-all-my-fault syndromes will go up. You'll loathe your existence.

But if serotonin beats cortisol, you know you're living up in the dominant-hierarchy. You start visualizing yourself as the worth of society. There's a mood uptick, and everything seems bright and happy. It all depends on you and whom you want to win. Please note that too much serotonin is not good either.

Cbd oil for depression does not necessarily elevate serotonin level, but it mimics like this monoamine neurotransmitter. [2] The act indeed activates serotonin receptors in the body and enhances your standard of living.

#2 Cbd oil plays a crucial role in managing circadian rhythm.

Did you know there's a causal relationship between sleep and anxiety? Let's say you couldn't sleep today because you were scrolling through political posts that didn't meet your ideology.

You'll suddenly realize the sleepless night has caught your head, your eyes feel heavy, and something doesn't feel good from within. You want to sleep, but as soon as you put your phone aside and shut your eyes, your sleep evaporates. What do you think it is?

Well, stress and anxiety. So a circadian rhythm you purposely disrupted is a terrible sum game when it comes to leading anxiety and stress. And this continues to build-up until you've developed chronic anxiety and everything around feels irritating and resentful.

But you very well know I have a better option for you where breaking your sleep cycle would not be normal anymore. It's cbd oil for sleep. So cannabidiol deals around cb1 and cb1 receptors and sends calming signals to your body. It ultimately reduces your anxiety and improves your sleep cycle. [3]

#3 Cbd oil helps control social anxiety disorder.

Social anxiety disorder is different from a general anxiety disorder. You must have seen people fearing to perform on stage or have fear responses around others. Some studies suggest people with social anxiety disorders have hyperactive amygdala.

You must be wondering what amygdala is. Well, it's an almond shape, collection of cells, that is located at the base of the brain. Not long ago, I underestimated it. But recently I discovered it's where all your emotions are given meaning.

Anger, sadness, love, hate, indifference, apathy, empathy, compassion. Everything! This area is an emotional repository which remembers all your emotional memories and hearty and non-hearty life-events. :/

But people with overactive amygdala have shown to have heightened SAD. They don't feel comfortable in their boots in social environments. The worst part about it is: humans can learn this behavior because of unpleasant social situations.

I have great news for you. Cbd oil for anxiety is also helpful in social anxiety disorder. Medical studies recommend cbd to release anxiolytic effects, the effect useful in treating anxiety disorders and social phobia. [4] Can I be frank? I don't care about studies as long as cbd oils are working on my issues.

#4 Cbd oil can bridle post-traumatic stress disorder

I'm not a great fan of post-traumatic stress disorder, wouldn't even want my enemy to have it. The stress that follows after stressful, frightening, and disturbing incidences is hard to describe in common words.

Those past flashes, nightmares, intense distress— the symptoms of PTSD are not very friendly in comparison to SAD or GAD. Memory and concentration problems hit the final nail in the coffin.

If I were to write down all its symptoms, I might have to fill a page describing twenty of them. But I'll spare you some air now. The crux of the message is: if you have PTSD, cbd oil or any other cbd-infused item might give you an edge over traditional drugs.

Should you need a drug which treats without really pulling those side-effects bombs on you, you know where to go. Yeah, yeah! You need data. I understand it very well. So 49 studies in 2015 suggest cbd was not only great with PTSD, but with generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder. [5]

"How should I take cbd?"

It depends on what you mean by taking cbd. Dose? Means? Ways? Well, don't worry. I will clear them all for you. As far as cbd experts say, there's no specific dose limit for anyone.

Because X is not equal to Y. You are not equal to me. I am not equal to you: different bodies, different take. Let's say 300mg cbd works great on me. You might feel tempted to take it as any paracetamol or aspirin. But cbd doesn't work that way! Chances are cbd won't show any reaction to you. Or it's also possible you have to step-down its overall dose.

So it's advised to get a prescription from an expert in the industry. And then vet its impact on your behavior. There's one study that suggests a person suffering from anxiety can cope-up his mental health with 300 to 600 mg of cbd dose, although I'm not fully aware of the tests. [6]

"Is it compulsory to have cbd oil? Is there no other form?"

At times you may not like cbd oil for anxiety and cbd oil for depression. It's reasonably understandable. That's why cbd has a vast family. If one doesn't suit you, you still have a chance to test another.

Recipes, supplements, etc. There are several forms of cbd products, and you can go for anyone. You can even try and test different combinations to max out its efficiency. Some of the ways you can take cbd:

  • Oils
  • Capsules
  • Drops
  • Crystals
  • Isolates
  • Vapor
  • Candies

For more exciting options, you can put your stoves on and get ready for the marijuana-thrill.

"Will cbd get me high?"

As if it got you high, you wouldn't have it, you naughty lad! Who doesn't love getting high anyway? But here cbd is our medicinal elixir, and we shouldn't expect it to give high.

If you're having "high hopes" with cbd, good luck expecting. You can't get psychedelic kicks with it. However, cbd may feel the reverse kick with your crazy-filled ideas.

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