Sour Space Candy CBD— The All-Round Powerhouse Of CBD Family!

If you ever want a tsunami of CBD to mellow down or destress your day— sour space candy CBD is what you’re looking for. Period!

Truly the daddy of all the cannabidiol strain— sour space candy is happy, uplifting, and euphoric in nature. Its strong terpene profile will make you fall for it every time you have it.

The overwhelming amount of CBD in the strain feels like an ocean of freshness on your tongue, and oodles of enticing genius on your brain.

If Martians and interstellar travelers want to head-up their adventures like never before— they need the most popular line of strain, which stands as a brilliant blend of sweet and sour CBD snack.

Oregon has bred some of the best CBD dominant cultivars. Sour space candy spots a high rank on the marijuana-shelf

It seems the sky daddy has bestowed the most of his blessings in Oregon— the reason why the Oregon hemp industry is moving at a rapid pace.

But that’s half the story! The real magic pops-out of Oregon when they come up with brand new CBD ideas like dominant CBD cultivar— the sour space candy CBD.

It’s a product of crosses between Sour Tsunami and Early Resin Berry.

The resin berry adds an outer layer of candy flavor to the existing sour fuel-like flavor. The hybrid strain has 19% of pushy yet mind-fueling CBD with no to 0.3 % of THC.

That being said, this Oregon bred cultivar will easily sweep the best CBD-shelves in any marijuana dispensary in the world.

Your olfactory senses will enjoy the smell of sour space candy. Get a sniff and make your day.

Although it’s hard to decode the etymology of strain— we suspect its strong smell within your ‘space’ has given its nomenclature. The scent diffuses into your nose and provides a herby-hit to your olfactory receptors.

Try opening its bag & taking a whiff! Woof! You’ll find your eyes popping out! A sour-diesel punch with an even more sharp knock is the unique selling point of sour space candy!

The high-level fusion between the aristocratic pinene and myrcene hydrocarbons launches a funky-earthy smell after a spring rain.

A nice-little press on the herb releases a strong citrus scent— as if the lemongrass stalk is on steroid.

If your nose likes it, your eyes will love it!

While you play indifferently with the “looks” of the CBD strain, and all you could care about are its flavor and smell— why not have a strain which has everything you’d want to anticipate plus the added benefit of the visuals?

With the all-round performance profile in taste, smell, and effect— the visually arresting properties of sour space candy are cherries on the top.

The dense multicolored buds impart a visually-enchanting aura around the strain. The hint of purple and orange tone on the green hues generate an enticing portfolio of her— yes, her!

You’d be surprised to know that we consume most of the female keeper plants. And she’s the best keeper.

The manicured buds of sour space CBD are rich in quality. The mutant hybrid flowers are layered with the large orange-ish/brown hair— better known as pistils. Squeeze it and receive a beautiful dense bounce.

Why should eyes and nose have all the fun? Says the tongue!

The level of mellow which the sour space candy produces has no match— credits to its strong tongue-tantalizing flavor. With an overtone of black cherry wonderfully layered over the undertone of candied apple— she will tickle your bones and unleash the madness of a child in you.

Sporting a character of rare distinction with terpinolene-forward flavor— the strain celebrates a unique flavor profile that reminds of sour candy from alien space.

You can have it burning to lit a pleasant clean flavor on your taste bud. Undoubtedly, the smoke is as smooth as a pancake, but the taste doesn’t penetrate your mouth when you put a lighter to it.

Vaping sour space candy is a much better choice to experience the calming sourness on your taste buds and mind. The prolific smack of the herby, fruity, and peppery strain puts a terrific-flavoury blanket on your mouth.

Sour space candy CBD takes no chill-pill! It’s relentless with its effect on your body!

The rock hard, golf-ball-sized bud gives an extremely strong head-rush for about fifteen minutes, then plummets down and mellows you out. The wave of roller coasting from head-rush to easing out offers a soft and calming effect in the brain.

By making an excellent cut with the loud and intoxicating terpenes profile— the strain feels like blood running in the cerebral pipes. With the ultimate stress-relieving potency and focus-oriented properties, sour CBD takes no chill in delivering relentless therapeutic benefits.

Ideal for a drier climate— the robust stalk of this plant will make you gregarious and sociable among your ‘non-tolerable’ colleagues and relatives. If you happen to be an introvert and parties are not your cup of tea— the sour space candy will break your bubble and firmly place you amid party, meeting, and events animals.

The immediate rush in the head marks a stronger case for your presence and lets you beguile the surrounding with confidence and stellar-openness.

The packaging of sour space candy CBD will win your heart, brain, lungs, and kidney! Literally!

Wrapped in a beautiful jet black air-tight plastic pouch— we at John CBD try to deliver one of the best sour space candy CBDs in the town. The packaging also has a translucent window for you to have a little sneak-peek at the strain.

The three-layered pouch maintains the dryness of the strain, and prevents it from spoiling off! Apart from the neatly placed elements on the plastic screen, the tearable openings take care of your urge and let you enjoy it without keeping you on hold.

Sealed at the neck— we make sure that you aren’t receiving a compromised CBD profile. You will get as promised— the flavor, the fragrance, and the look.

Order your sour space candy— be the best judge!

If all other CBD make the iron-man suit, sour space candy makes the heart! Book a strong-smelling, highly-potent sour candy to find a mojo and generate a super-attention span.

Lighting it up will grab the eyeballs of everyone in your block vicinity and hit the right spot! For more CBD products in Texas, you can browse through the product list of John CBD, Texas.

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