Should we feed CBD products to our dogs

In a country where 60.2 million households own a dog that has become extended family, it is natural to want the best for our dogs. With people waking up to the benefits of CBD products and having experienced it, they now want to help their dogs as well to reap the benefits of CBD products through CBD oil for dogs. But there is some confusion whether such products are safe and effective in dogs. While there has an increasing number of clinical trials and studies researching the effects of CBD on humans, there has been substantial research on CBD's effects on dogs and the results are promising.

Research indicates that CBD could help treat most ailments in dogs in the same manner they work in humans. This is because most mammals, including dogs, have an endogenous cannabinoid system and receptors just like us humans. CBD present in the CBD oil for dogs reacts with these receptors located all over the body including the central nervous system and brain. From epilepsy to autoimmune diseases, cancer and arthritis, CBD could be used to treat the ailments and its symptoms in dogs. Recognising the benefits of CBD oil for dogs that have no major side effects in dogs, even veterinarians are adopting it as a holistic approach.

CBD products specially made for dogs

While the same CBD products used by humans can be used for dogs, some caution needs to be exercised in dosages of the products. You can't feed your dog's the same dose of the product for your pet. Dosages of the product should be calculated depending on the weight of your dog and it is always better to start off with a small dose. While the man is enjoying the benefits of CBD, man's best friend deserves the same benefits and this has prompted many companies making CBD products to create a separate line of CBD products like CBD oil for dogs. These CBD products are specifically made for pets keeping in mind their average weight and needs and with CBD oil for dogs, there is nothing to worry about the dosage. These products may come in the form CBD infused treats or CBD oil for dogs. While CBD mixed with food will require at least 30 mins to be effective as it has to pass through the digestive tract and then enters the bloodstream, CBD tinctures placed below the dog's tongue can show effects immediately and are more effective. Cbd oil for dogs can also be used topically as a pain reliever. These products may be available in your local dispensary or at CBD oil distributors. You can also buy in bulk from such CBD oil distributors.

In dogs with serious conditions that require immediate intervention like epileptic seizures, it is best to use CBD tinctures. For general health, you can use CBD infused treats. Extracted from hemp oil, CBD oil for dogs have little to no THC, the compound that induces the high feeling. So it does not cause drowsiness or other symptoms when fed to dogs and no, your dog won't get stoned.

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