Quick Tips for CBD Retailers: Navigating the Competitive CBD Market

CBD market might be one of the fastest growing niches in the world today. That doesn’t mean that it is easy to become a successful retailer. The many CBD stores in Texas that you will find have taken their owners a lot of investment and strategy to survive in the turbulent market. Yes, CBD is gradually receiving global recognition, thanks to the known therapeutic benefits. There is a huge demand for CBD products in Texas that doesn’t meet the current demand. That means that you have to find a way to navigate the entire value chain if your retail business is to survive to see the next day. 

An estimated 43% CBD users access their products from online sources. This is partially attributed to the stringent laws governing the sector. It is therefore paramount that you understand the legal obligations of CBD oil distributors in Texas or any other place you choose to operate.

Quick facts about the CBD market

You have to clearly understand the diverse CBD market if you are make any impact. The industry might appear to be exploding with a lot of prospects, but that is for those who understand it. Below are some facts about the market that most CBD oil distributors in Texas don’t know much about.

1.  Users love variety

The days when people were limited to smoking are long gone. Match into any Houston CBD oil store and ask for any CBD product and you will be surprised at what they have to offer. Tastes and preferences vary from one person to another. Think about possible methods of consuming CBD. Today, people are looking at CBD-infused products such as coffee, tea, cakes, vapes and even pure oil. The preferences may vary, so are the expected effects. Furthermore, CBD is not just good for human consumptions. Your pets can also enjoy all the available benefits. As a retailer, you need to focus on making it possible for your customer to find their preferred products with ease. You get this right, and you will never run short of happy buyers.

2. Ease of access

Imagine someone who uses CBD oil Friendswood to manage a medical condition. Their ultimate wish is to get their products when they need them. Some people suffer chronic conditions such as arthritis that can be pretty painful. You therefore need to guarantee your customers that the products will be availed as fast as possible. Initially, it was not possible to get CBD stores in Texas, but with the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018, more opportunities were opened for CBD consumers. With more consumption, more stores have been opened. Retailers have to figure out how best to make these products available to the customers without a hassle. Work on a comprehensive distribution channel because that is what customers expect.

3. Acceptance is growing

There is increased acceptance of CBD products. CBD oil manufacturers have had to double their production to meet the surging demand. Everyone already knows the possible health benefits of CBD and would want to try. With reduced stigma, there is need for serious sensitization. Retailers shouldn’t therefore just focus on winning over the markets but also educate the public on what is expected. Produce content about your products, fill your ecommerce store or blog with relevant information and clearly learn to guide your customers on appropriate usage. Don’t tell lies because you want to make money. Instead, be truthful and avoid making claims you cannot verify; it is illegal and immoral.

4. Price to guarantee value for money

In a market where prices are determined by CBD oil distributors in Texas, you must be careful how you price your products. While it is true that some buyers are willing to pay premium for some of these products, you need to desist from exploitation. In your research, find out what your competitors charge for their products and ensure that you offer a competitive rate for your products. Bear in mind that the buyers will always try to find a bargain before they purchase any products. Don’t set your prices too low because you have margins to worry about but also ensure that you don’t keep customers away because of the price factor.

5. Source for the best

There might be many players in the sector, with many CBD oil distributors primarily motivated by the ready market. However, you can only remain at the top of this industry if your products are top notch. Find out from the CBD oil manufacturers in Texas where they source of their raw materials, especially CBD oil and work with the best from the lot. Ask whether the products meet the set legal threshold on THC concentration and whether they undergo third-party testing. The extraction method of the oil determines the purity of the CBD oil, something you need to really pay attention to.

6. Marketing is key

Your existence should be known. Just because you have a store doesn’t mean that your customers will come their way. Your Houston CBD store is just a gateway; you should invest extensively in internet marketing. You can engage a digital marketing agency to get your brand out to the world. Make it your business to craft compelling targeted content, ensure positive social media presence, get influencers and even get affiliates on board.


The CBD industry is dynamic. There are many stores coming up. Variety of products being introduced into the market and medical discoveries. The laws are also changing. To succeed, you have to remain on top of all these because they have a great impact on your business. When you get it right, you might end up with one of the best CBD stores in Texas. All the best.

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