Product Spotlight: Liposomal CBD Oil - New Way to use CBD

Three words describe CBD the best: 'I need more.' Yes! As CBD affects millions of lives and the desire to have it continually grows— we need more of it to play active roles in our lives.

But not everything is good about CBD. No, we aren't talking about its composition or its benefits. We only have a concern with its bioavailability.

Think of it this way— you take an oral CBD oil dose, and only 20 to 25% of it reaches your systemic circulation.

You've paid for 100%, but your body receives only 20%. That's pathetic. What happens to the remaining 75%? Well, they disappear— like your taxes. Woof!

Other means like CBD infused-edibles, gummies, etc. make a substantial list of high-quality CBD products, but they also have concerns with full absorption in the body.

Some 'smart & strong heads' try intravenous routes to enjoy full bioavailability of cannabidiol. That's courageous— but most of us don't prefer to stick ourselves with a needle.

The current CBD-based items are good. But they need to be brilliant. Liposomal CBD shrinks the gap between the good and the brilliant.

We need a better carrier that should pass essential CBD nutrients in the body without getting ozoned-out in the first-pass metabolism.

Liposomal CBD plays as a brilliant transporter of these nutrients.

Like any liposomal pharma medicine, they aim to give your body its due treatment.

These CBDs are highly bioavailable in your body, unlike commonly accepted CBD-infused supplements.

You may ask about the idea of having them when we already have a highly-successful CBD industry.

We want these medicinal components of non-toxic cannabidiol to reach the most parts of your body, i.e., within the cells, tissues, and organs.

So, it's the best way of using CBD to its full potential.

CBD liposomes are specially catered to allow maximum utilization of the non-psychoactive hemp plant. What exactly are they?

If you trace back the nomenclature of liposomes— you'll realize about its Greek origin. It's derived from 'Lipo' and 'Soma' .

Lipo is 'fat,' and soma is 'sac.' So, it's a sac made up of fats or fatty tissues. What's the purpose of it?

The active CBD drug is covered within a very tiny, fat-like sac. It's like fooling your metabolic system.

When you administer it— such fatty forms trick your body and advance more CBD into the system for targeting the affected areas.

Say no to over or under-provisioning. Have an optimized amount with liposomal CBD

Although you can't overdose CBD, most people try different forms before finding their mojo.

But the world is getting optimized, so you should! What's the point of having 40% of CBD when 25% is good enough? Or is it okay for you to receive 10% of it when you ideally need 44%?

Unfortunately, to tackle varying absorption rates— we sometimes over or under-provision CBD into our bodies, which doesn't give the expected results.

It not only bursts your expectations but also draws negative reviews for CBD. Liposomal CBD understands that every patient has a unique chemical makeup with different metabolizing rates.

So, it brings a customizable solution for every individual with effective therapeutic solutions on the table.

Liposomes work at a cellular level—the tiny army can work as a perfect CBD delivery system.

Liposomes have served medicals for over five decades now. By 1995— medicine and research gave a path-breaking idea in the form of tiny-liposomes, also called nanoliposomes.

Since then, we have been using them in resolving tuberculosis and cancer cases. In a layman's term, you can view them as a tiny army working at a cellular level.

These tiny pouches of fat go straight into your bloodstream, tearing off the digestive process's obstacles.

We are using this principle of the nano army to arrange a powerful and potent CBD delivery system. CBD packed within the tiny bags of fats penetrate right into the stream without having to face any barriers from the metabolism.

Count five advantages of liposomal CBD on your finger. Give your body a fair share of CBD.

The tiny liposomal CBD has many advantages over traditional CBD-formats. However, the five merits at the tip of your fingers will make you a liposome songbird. Here're the benefits:

#1 Better absorption, higher effect

Liposomes protect CBD molecules despite lengthy journeys in your body. One of the studies shows that shielding CBD with fatty tissues enhances bioavailability by 400%.

Although the experiment was conducted on tiny sample size, the data gives enough food for thought to the CBD makers.

#2 Presents a robust defensive mechanism against GI attack

Your body is not an amiable host. It doesn't like chemicals such as cannabidiol. The radical GI tract attacks foreign substances and tries to minimize their impact on the body.

But liposome presents a strong defensive case against these ultra-aggressive layers of metabolic protection and allows CBD to have a full-fledged effect.

#3 Delivers drugs at unit blocks of the body

Cells are the smallest functional blocks of life. When you suffer cellular level problems, you need drugs that can reach out to these tiniest individual living structures and repair them.

More importantly, they should reach in enough quantity to have a negating effect on the broken cells. As mentioned earlier, Liposomes make it easier for CBD to reach out to these cells and give immediate relief from pain, inflammation, and stress.

#4 Pretty easy to administer than oral pills, needles, and vaporization

Many adults and kids fail to tolerate CBD oral pills. Needles, on the other hand, have threatened populations spanning civilizations.

CBD in a vaporization form has a mind-blasting effect in the body. But we never recommend smoking cannabidiol strain because what you earn with CBD, medicinally, you trade-off with smoke gases.

Liposomal CBD is quite easy to administer and poses no fear or health threat. It's available in liquid format.

These fat bubbles are nothing but droplets. You'll have complete control over CBD dose without any fear.

#5 The structure can hold both hydrophilic and hydrophobic compounds.

The biggest challenge of making liposomal CBD is to hold these chemicals within the fatty membrane.

The good part is— liposomes prevent the core from readily bypassing its double-layer protection of hydrophilic and hydrophobic compounds membranes.

Hence, the drops of liposomal CBD oil won't leak out CBD during interaction in the body.

Wrapping up— Liposomes establishes a more prominent use of CBD.

We see the liposomal versions of CBD show that we're moving past beyond the century of stigma.

As we adopt fabulous ways to deliver hemp compounds into the system efficiently, there's hardly any doubt that CBD won't make up into a nation-wide stretch.

To motivate such unique concepts of CBD products in Texas— you can reach us at John's CBD. The concept deserves as many eyeballs to go big on the mainstream medical area.


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