Liposomal vitamin C bypasses the first-pass metabolism, results in fantastic immune power

So you have fallen sick, and the thermometer is shooting up higher than usual. You have to slow down your fan and turn-off the air-condition. Steam, gargle, and natural remedies have suddenly become your friends. And there's a sudden urge to have the best immune system in the world.

Isn't it a bit normal with every one of us? What happens in a movie theater? We don't feel like using the armrest until someone else uses it. As soon as the person sitting beside us puts his arms, bam! We want it at the same moment. The story of the immune system is quite similar. We don't think of it until we're sick.

As long as these immune cells are firing cylinders on the foreign substances, we don't keep them in our prayers.

That said, it's really crucial we reciprocate our love and show some respect to these first lines of defenses.

Now you'd say you already do that. Well, you do... but no immune system is perfect! In fact, there's no study on what percentage of the immune system is ideal for humans. Anyway, you got to keep hustling to make it stronger.

One good way to do it through is by adding liposomal vitamin c in your diet. Despite hating the remedial schedule, I somehow managed to keep up with my immune system. Immune bells ringing already? Want to learn how you can keep up with your fitter joneses? Let's quickly explore it.

The immune system is a stack of a million years of exploration.

What do you think is the immune system? Okay. Let me rephrase, why do you think you can travel across the world without worrying about the diseases? And what makes the amazon tribes sick and susceptible to death as soon as they leave their ecosystems and not you?

You can say... it's all about exploration. So our ancestors who explored the dangerous lands and diseases in the past kept stacking immune power and transferred these capabilities to us. We're lucky yet ungrateful brats who never acknowledge that years after years, humans explored the lands of chronic diseases and paved ways for us and the future generations to come.

What science says about the immune system

I wish I never had to explain this. I have so much to say about the immune system, but the subject is overwhelming. If living in a mentally no-man' s-land ever was true, I'd be the specimen of it. Uhh! Coming back to science.

So science has a very complicated explanation of the immune system. Rather than viewing the immune system as a single unit, or an act of a single cell, it says that the immune system is a complex network of chemicals, cells, and organs that work synergistically to produce a combined defensive effect.

These cells and organs are quick learners. Let's say you get a brand new disease that you never had in life. So your immune cells store this information, recognize them as potential threats and try to fend them off if the disease strikes back. Without them, you'll be falling sick every day (if you survive).

You'd want to know who these great warriors are? The lymph nodes, bone marrow, lymphocytes, the spleen, the leukocytes, the thymus, etc. all these cells work together in collaboration to protect your body against disease.

But here's the catch. You might be weakening these gladiators with an unhealthy diet, stress, poor exercise, and different congenital conditions. And it's not even necessary that if you're not doing all these, the immune guys will cooperate with your body. There are so many fluctuating variables in the body that it's hard to determine why your body couldn't work optimally.

It all starts with balance... with your immune power on one scale and lifestyle on the other.

Why do you think you feel fit and energetic for most of the year? That's because your body is in balance. We all have those tough rational dudes in our circles whom you abuse so much you want; they don't care at all. Seldom do they feel weak and heart-broken, maybe 3 or 4 days in a year.

Our immune system mostly behaves in a similar fashion 24/7/365 (except a few weak days and Monday blues). Whatever comes its way, or whatever nature and environment hurl at it from outside, the system remains as it is. This ruthlessness displayed by our immune system is called homeostasis, a simple act of internal body-balance.

But when they can't cope with nature's harsh realities, immune systems feel broken and weak, and you catch diseases or illness. For natural body balance, you would like to try these things:

  • Man! Have diets that are loaded with vegetables and fruits.
  • Also, hit those gym classes that you skip regularly.
  • Avoid alcohol despite friends forcing you for it.
  • Get a good sleep at night. Social media can wait!
  • Wash your hands no matter how tedious the process is.
  • Let not stress eat you up. Hunt it down as you played duck hunt in your childhood!
  • Last but not least, eat lots of vitamin c! Good news. You can't overdose. Bad news. You can't abuse it.

But why is eating lots of vitamin C useful?

orange,lime and lemon on chopping board

Your immune system loves Vitamin C. There's no substitute for it. It's like... feeding your immune cells their favorite food. Here's what Vitamin C does to your immune health:

  • So when those radical microorganisms are hurting your body, causing you illness, Vitamin C does a trick that no other vitamins can do. Rich in antioxidants, the vitamin attacks the nuclei of the virus. It attacks and attacks until the bacteria are dead, and you've regained the best shape.
  • Our bodies are made up of water and oxygen. Right? But in a weak immune system, these oxygens split into unstable parts and roam across the body mindlessly. So these bummers go absolutely nuts if you don't get them their stable electrons. So when you take vitamin c, these nuts attack the vitamin and snatch its spare electrons. In a wonderful win-win between the two, your immune system wins.
  • When connective tissues in your body don't behave the way they should, microbes get the opportunity to attack your tissues, cells, and bones. You want these connectives to be hard-hearted bastards who don't let microbes dictate them. Vitamin C has shown strengthening these tissues. So eating this vitamin promotes healthy tissues and bone growth.
  • Blood vessels are like strong rubbery-pipes. They ought to be flexible to transport the blood. But how do they manage this elasticity? Well, these vessels have a collagen layer. Lack of collagen would make these vessels stiff and affect blood circulation. Vitamin C helps these vessels with the elastic index, making blood flow a smooth transit. That eventually keeps you fit.
  • Like your computers need antiviruses to prevent malicious files from attacking it, your body needs vitamin C to develop infection-fighting antibodies. Think of antibodies as a thick coat of paint. So Vitamin C paints the body's cells with an antibody protection coat and keeps viruses from entering into the cells. Some viruses are too dangerous to give a damn about vitamin C antibiotic coating.

Problems with administering Vitamin C in the system

Many believe, "you're what you eat." Yawn! I think "you're what you absorb" in the body. I mean... you can eat the healthiest of the foods, but their nutrients still might not be reaching your body.

Do you know that our digestive systems have a filtering system? These filtering systems are quite the same as concentration camps. They filter out all the good substances even though you think you've taken them in the right proportion.

So let's say you've induced 100 mgs of vitamin C tablets in your body. The poor little thing has to go through ruthless nazi-camps, that is, the first-pass metabolism. These camps filter out a considerable percentage of the tablet and only pass a few holocaust survivors into the system—maybe 15% to 30%.

Did you just see? When you feel you've had enough vitamins for your body, the internal system rejects it. And you think, why isn't your immune system building? So those labels on the vitamin bottles aren't giving you the mgs as promised. This is where liposomal vitamin c comes into the picture.

Liposomal vitamin C trick the body and crosses the finishing line.

Liposomal vitamin C

You already think what Liposomal Vitamin C is. Well, I'd say it's tricking your body that you're giving it necessary nutrients. Think of this way: why do we gain waist circumference so quickly?

Because these digestive gut systems are a bit biased towards vitamins than nutrients like fats. Ideally, we would have wanted fats to leave our system through the first-pass metabolism, but that doesn't happen. Instead, they accumulate quickly within the circulatory system, making us look lard-arse. But not all fats are bad. Some fats are good fats.

So one thing is clear. Those concentration camps don't work on fats, good or bad. Making this as a central theme, the medical researchers discovered liposomal drugs where the idea was to bluff the body, saying, "I'm just a nutrient, let me go." Unlike bare and naked vitamins, the body lets these healthy fats get into the system. Healthy fats = liposomes.

Liposomal is a unique technology. So you break nutrients into the molecular level and encapsulate them in a healthy fat cover. It's like shielding the vitamins from body-blow. The body sees it, thinks of it as fat, and slides it immediately into the bloodstream. Cool. Isn't it?

The usual vitamin path vs. the liposomal path

I think Liposomal Vitamin C is the central guy from "The road not taken" by Robert Frost. The effing bubble wrap of fat doesn't go through the route traveled by other drugs. Instead, it explores a different route, a route that prevents it from first-pass metabolism.

This is how the general route for vitamins look like:

Stomach----> small intestine ----> into the liver ---> and then into the bloodstream

And this is how liposomes take the route:

Lymphatic system ----> gut ---> directly into the bloodstream.

So this means that liposomal vitamin C has higher bioavailability. Hence, your body has more vitamin C to live on to and enjoy its goodness.

Liposomal vitamin C benefits! Get some vitamin for thought... and of course, actions.

You know how vitamin C's are useful for your body's immune system already. Liposome covers are just the smart ways of maxing out vitamin C's benefits. But anyway, I will revise them for you:

  • They're absolutely crucial for your brain. No, I don't mean you'll become Einstein overnight, but you get the gist!
  • You'll have a strong glue between tissues and cells. The connective tissues will strengthen and keep you strong as you do.
  • There will be a smooth flow of your blood within those elastic and super-flexible blood vessels.
  • Not just brains, but the liposomal vitamin C benefits kidneys as well. The overall adrenal gland support becomes quite life-sustaining.
  • They'll increase your immune response to those ugly, dumb wit bacteria and viruses.
  • And last but not least. They will have an impact, unlike those drugs sold in the market. So you'll never be in a blindfold.

Liposomal vitamin C vs. Liposomal cbd oil with vitamin C

You know my love for cbd already! Don't you? Not because it's my bread and butter! But I believe cbd gels well with everything, including the liposomal vitamin C. But why am I saying this? Well, go ahead.

The biggest problem with the market is that they can sell you liposomal vitamin C without adding any liposomes into it. Now you'd say you'll check the ingredients and everything will turn goody-goody! You're not ignorant! Right? Wrong!!

So let me get straight to the point. Truth be told! If the supplement has fats, the companies have a license to use the word "liposomal" although they may not have any hint of "liposomes" in it. The tactic might create confusion for you, and you won't get the necessary share of Vitamin C.

But my team is committed to preventing you from counterfeited and wrongly-marketed products. That's why we have come up with liposomal cbd oil + vitamin C. Ask yourself: what would you have? An immunity booster or an immunity booster + immunity booster?

Though liposomal cbd oil is the best liposomal vitamin C source in the market, the other hits it even if one misses the dart. Didn't get it? I mean... if Vitamin C gets metabolized, you still have cbd as an immunity booster. It's as good as raging a war with a double-edged sword. If one goes blunt, the other works just fine.

Fortunately, I've two liposomal products for you. One with cbd and the other without it. Both dank! Both sassy!

  1. IMMUNE+: Liposomal Vitamin C Oil with CBD
  2. Immune Booster – Liposomal Vitamin C Oil (No CBD in this product)

So you've no obligation to work with cbd if liposomal vitamin C is all that you need to boost your health. If you have planned to have a mix-match of Liposomes and cbd oil, I will request you to visit your personal doctor. Yeah, I know it's a tedious process, but keep it as a must!

A few things you'd want to consider before having these immune boosters

  1. You obviously don't want it to be stale in a few days. Do you? Refrigerate it for prolonged use.
  2. Elders, pregnant women, and kids! You would like to consult a professional before adding the power of cbd into vitamin C.
  3. Don't self-prescribe any dose. Let the experts decide it for you. Please take it as prescribed.
  4. Please don't recommend it simply because it worked on you. Ask the person to consult the concerned professional.
  5. There's no substitute for lifestyle and exercise. Vitamin C and cbd are essential! But they are not magical pills to keep you from sickness. As mentioned, everything works synergistically. Keep this in mind!

At last, I'd say no miracle pill will get you out of your illness or prevent you from falling sick. But all you can do is explore these natural alternatives and stand a fighting chance to feel your best as quickly as possible. And for all the exploratory geniuses, you're welcome to John's cbd and get your hands on favorite picks.

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