Legalization Of CBD Around The World in 2019

The release of the 2018 Farm Bill set a whole new wave of victory in the history of hemp. Millions who were awaiting this step have now sighed in relief. Industry experts consider this step as a significant boost in helping the hemp industry become global domination in the years to come. Intensive researches have led the experts to prove how immensely beneficial hemp oil could be in treating several health conditions and without even making the users high.

But, to become a global player, CBD has to be legal in the majority or possibly all the states of the country. So where exactly do CBD and hemp stand in different countries of the world? Let’s browse through, shall we?

CBD’s Legal Status In The United States

In states like Alaska, Colorado, California, Massachusetts, Michigan, Maine, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington using hemp or marijuana extracted CBD is legal. There are a few states where the legal status of CBD is still in the gray areas. If you’re thinking is CBD oil legal in Texas? Then, a few years back hemp was legalized in Texas only for the patients having epilepsy. However, it’s legal status in Texas still remains to be quite murky and it does include the legal positioning of CBD oil in Houston as well.

Complete restrictions on all cannabis and cannabis-derived products are only imposed on three states - Idaho, South Dakota, and Nebraska. However, in the rest 37 states, CBD extracted from hemp stands legal as a result of the Farm Bill 2018.

CBD’s Legal States In Europe

Although Europe is seen to be more active and progressive when it comes to cannabis, the fact is that, there are still some countries having stringent laws surrounding marijuana. However, most countries are liberal when it comes to CBD, only if its derived from industrial hemp. Usually, across Europe, industrial hemp is often identified as a cannabis plant containing less than 0.02% THC content.

In countries like Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Romania, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and the United Kingdom medical cannabis is legal, meaning CBD can be easily accessible in these countries.

CBD’s Legal Status In Latin America

Surprisingly, South America is a considered more acceptable and cannabis-friendly region amongst other regions in the world. Back in 2013, Uruguay became the first ever country in the modern era to legalize both recreational and medical cannabis. In other Latin American countries like Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, and Peru, hemp-derived products like CBD are legal for consumption.

However, most South American countries like the Caribbean and Central America have more stringent laws about cannabis.

CBD’s Legal Status In Other Countries

Well, Countries like Thailand, Australia, Jamaica, and Canada have more lenient laws. While in the countries listed above, one should note that some countries allow these benefits for their citizens only.

However, if you’re traveling to any of these countries make sure to look upon their specific CBD and cannabis laws to avoid any potential legal troubles.

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