Legal History of Hemp in Texas: What it Means for the Industry

Hemp is one of the most sought after products in the United States and particularly in Texas. It is quite sad that for the longest time, it was deemed illegal and hence farmers could not grow it. Hemp was considered a schedule 1 drug under the federal law and therefore could not be purchased or used. Although one might still be concerned about whether hemp oil is legal in Texas or not, the overwhelming results speak for themselves. 

Farmers are yet to benefit from the legalisation of hemp in Texas until 2020 according to the bill that was signed in June 2019 by Gov. Abbot. However, there is good news for those who are enthusiastic about using hemp and its wide range of products- it is legal and can be purchased on online stores or from hemp clinics located all over Texas. 

There are quite a number of reasons why hemp growth in Texas is not ready at the moment- the first being a lack of information or awareness on growing the plant. Even if farmers were to be allowed to cultivate the plant immediately, they would not be able because they have no knowledge about the product or how it is supposed to be taken care of upon planting. 

This is the reason why Texas Hemp Growers has taken it upon itself to offer master classes to farmers who are looking into growing hemp in the coming year. The fact that legal CBD is allowed to be sold all over the United States only encourages the will of potential hemp farmers in Texas. It is encouraging to see farmers showing up for these classes because it shows how much interest hemp is receiving while indicating that this is a well looked upon investment opportunity by farmers all over Texas which is more encouraging to the state and CBD users too.

Although a considerable number of farmers are looking forward to taking advantage of hemp growing, it is quite uncertain whether they will all be ready or even if they have the capacity and resources to grow the plant successfully. According to research, Texas does not currently have the right infrastructure to build the plant, nor do they have the right seeds to do so. This puts the whole idea into shaky grounds as many farmers believe they are quite ready to grow the product successfully.

Is CBD oil legal in Texas or not? These are some of the questions teams creating awareness are still receiving in educational forums around the state. It is unfortunate that about half the locals still have some doubt about the legality of hemp and generally when it comes to using.

How Legal is CBD in Texas?

Given the amount of worry being flown around from one person to another, it is crucial that the legality of CBD is addressed in order to create awareness to more people. CBD is legal in Texas, and hence there is no doubt you can walk into a store and purchase any hemp product without fearing for the worst from the authorities. However, it is not so black and white. 

There are two types of CBD which are either CBD isolate or full-spectrum CBD oil. All the above products are legal in Texas, but- what is the catch?

CBD oil isolate is pure CBD that does not contain other compounds, and hence it’s the purest form of CBD in the market. This type of CBD oil in Texas is entirely legal and has no strings attached to it when it comes to the purchase. 

Full-spectrum CBD oil is the one that comes with a bit of rule here and there. Full-spectrum CBD oil happens to be very different from CBD isolate because, during extraction, some of the other compounds found in hemp are not removed. Full-spectrum CBD usually contains terpenes, different types of cannabinoids and THC. Yes, THC is the main compound in marijuana, and it’s the one that gets you high.

Is the presence of THC in CBD enough to get you high? Well, the simple answer is no- it is not. Texas laws indicate CBD products in Texas with full-spectrum hemp should contain THC levels of 0.3% in order to be purchased or used within the State. 

Anything with a higher THC level than that is considered illegal in Texas and also under the federal law. It has been a long time coming for the law to be this lenient, especially for a state like Texas, which is quite reserved.

The good news is, a lot is being done on research about hemp and education to the farmers hence in the next few months, locals will be equipped with sufficient information to allow them to navigate the whole planting hemp and usage too.

CBD oil benefits have played an essential part in pushing for these laws to be changed, and one can finally take a sigh of relief because it is a new dawn for hemp in Texas.

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