Is CBD Actually Good for your Hair and Scalp?


CBD is popping up everywhere in hair products but what is all the hype about? Does CBD really have any benefits for hair and scalp?  The answer is yes! CBD has many amazing properties that make it a great choice in hair products. In this article, we will look at these benefits and explain why you may want to add CBD hair products to your routine.

Let’s first look at the benefits for your scalp and hair growth. The antioxidants in CBD reduce inflammation promoting a healthy scalp. CBD can also improve blood circulation to the scalp leading to stronger hair and stimulation hair growth. It also helps control sebum(oil) levels on the scalp which can help scalp conditions like eczema and dry scalp.  Due to antimicrobial properties, CBD reduces the risk of scalp infections which can cause dandruff. Lastly, CBD’s cleansing properties can help eliminate deposits from the scalp creating a healthier environment for hair growth and reducing hair loss.

Now let’s focus on the benefits to your hair. CBD strengthens the proteins in hair improving the overall appearance. This helps prevent damage and breakage. The omega fatty acids present in CBD help to seal in moisture and protect the cuticle of the hair follicle giving a smooth texture to the hair. The antioxidants in CBD protect hair from future environmental damage. All these properties make CBD one of the best solutions to repair and protect dry, damaged hair. CBD hair products are safe for all hair types including color treated and processed.

As you can see, there are many reasons to add CBD to your hair care routine. Just like with many other things in life, consistency is key.  Several months of use will deliver the best results. In general, CBD can lead to a heathier scalp with improved hair growth and overall heathier hair.

For more information on the subject, check out this study published by the National Library of Medicine:

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