Importance of Third-Party Lab Testing of CBD Products

One of the fastest growing industries in many countries is CBD. Due to the many restrictions imposed on the natural supplement, there are not many manufacturers and distributors of the safe. As a result, demand surpasses supply by far. What this has created is a grey area where some people are capitalizing on the demand to sell substandard CBD oil in Texas and other parts of the United States. Forward-thinking companies don’t take chances when it comes to the quality of their products, because they value the wellbeing of their customers. 

What defines quality?

The quality of CBD oil Texas is determined by various factors. It cuts across the value chain, because any disconnect can affect the overall quality. The hemp farmer has to practice acceptable farming methods. This will help reduce the volumes of chemicals found in CBD, either from the soil or pesticides and fertilizer. Legal CBD has to meet some set standards, which when ignored may be harmful to general population. From the farm, the extraction method has to be above board; ensuring that all the unwanted chemical compounds such as the psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol are eliminated. The same follows to the processing phase and distribution. 

Companies that sell legal CBD products to some fundamental principles that ensures that they offer authentic products, their processes are transparent and they can guarantee quality at any time. Getting pure, safe and superior quality CBD products requires a series of verification. Last on this chain is third-party laboratory testing. 

Why third-party?

You may have the best labs in the world. Your processes might be above par and therefore you trust that they are safe for human use. However, there are no guarantees that indeed these products are as good as you want everyone else to believe. You can only authenticate this through testing by an independent laboratory. CBD oil Houston must adhere to the legal provisions, especially on the concentration of THC and CBD. Slapping a “quality” label on products doesn’t transform them into superior quality products. Instead, it just purports the same, which can never be the same. A quality product should must indicate terpene content, any solvents, pesticides, heavy metals and eradicate any microbial contamination. This can only be realized through third-party testing. 

While there are no specific regulations or guidelines on third-party testing, it is important to adhere to the existing state regulations. They might be strict in some cases, but they are for the good of all. You might be asking; is CBD oil legal in Texas and other states in the United States? Well, the fact is, CBD is legal but there are some legal parameters that it has to comply with. For starters, the THC content shouldn’t exceed 0.3% and you might need a prescription. You can still order yours legally and safely from various online stores as well. 

The effectiveness of third-party lab testing should be determined by its neutrality. The findings should be unbiased and aimed at guiding the manufacturers on areas of improvements if the quality and integrity of the CBD oil Texas is to be maintained.  

Three-phase third-party testing

There might never be specific guidelines on third-party testing, but we have some basic pointers on what ought to be done. They are generally categorized into three; 

  1. Overall testing: Here, the entire hemp extract is tested for pesticides, solvents and mold. It also authenticates the cleanliness and safety of the hemp extract before it is even passed on to the next phase of production. 
  2. Cannabonoid content testing: After receiving the results from the first phase, this phase seeks to establish the exact concentration of targeted cannabinoids. It is based on this that accurate dosage of CBD legal in Texas can be established. Also, ensures that regulated cannabinoids like THC are within the legally provided margins. 
  3. Verification: After receiving reports from the first two laboratories, the company can then engage another laboratory to verify whether the results received resemble their internal tests. This is designed to ensure the safety of products before they leave of the market. 

How to determine authentic third-party lab tests?

The quality of the laboratory facility will eventually determine the outcome. It is true that some companies will insert a sticker to show that their products underwent these tests, but in real sense, it is only on paper. Today it is no longer a question of; is hemp oil legal in Texas? Rather, it is more about the quality of the product you are consuming. Find out if the company has any problem sharing their lab reports with you? If they claim to, but hide the same from the public, then there is more that they don’t want you to know. Buyers of CBD oil in Texas must therefore make an effort to purchase superior quality and safe products.

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