How to Buy Best Full Spectrum CBD Oil? Its Medicinal Advantages & Dosage Direction

The last five years have been excellent for the marijuana industry. This can be established by the fact that– the full spectrum CBD oil– one of the most popular CBD products has recorded triple sales in the last three years.

As the misconceptions & stigma attached to marijuana are disappearing from people's minds, the marijuana industry witnessed the growth it has never imagined. More and more governments are lifting the ban on marijuana and instead legalizing it.

The legalization has a direct effect on the investment factor. Many industrialists have now come forward and ventured into the hemp sector. Besides, many entrepreneurs are also choosing this field to build their careers. In short, it's all been a silver lining for the marijuana industry for the last five years.

Due to such a major transformation, CBD product line also saw a massive change. Hundreds of new CBD products introduced during this period. Many of these CBD products were loved by the CBD enthusiasts and succeeded in establishing their place in the market, while many failed too.

One such product that has managed to establish its presence and become very popular among the people is- Full spectrum CBD oil. Its unadulterated form, the potent ingredients and the slew of medicinal benefits certainly make it superior over other CBD products. But before going any further, let us understand what CBD is and what full spectrum CBD oil is in brief.

What is CBD?

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol. It is one of the 113 chemical compounds– also known as cannabinoids, found in the cannabis plant. Unlike its fellow compound– THC, CBD is non-psychoactive in nature. Moreover, it also possesses some of the qualitative properties such as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

All these together, make CBD a rich herb that may fight various diseases and conditions including, anxiety, nausea, chronic pain, insomnia, epilepsy, inflammation, irregular bowel movement, muscle spasms, mental obscurity etc.

CBD can be consumed in many different forms. Some of the CBD forms are– CBD oils, CBD tinctures, CBD gummies, Full spectrum CBD oil, CBD edibles, CBD pain cream, CBD topicals, CBD balm, and CBD lollipop, among others.

Along with general wellness, CBD may also help to fight against skin related diseases. It can reduce acne, moisturize skin, improve blood circulation, and helps produce the collagen– a protein responsible for skin strength and elasticity. The degradation of collagen leads to wrinkles that accompany aging.

To conclude, besides having minimal or zero side effects, CBD is a one such miracle herb that may fight a slew of diseases, disorders and conditions.

We hope this brief information about CBD may help you understand what CBD is, what its benefits are and why it is becoming so popular among the people. Let us now understand what full spectrum hemp CBD oil is.

What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

Full spectrum CBD oil can be defined as the oil that is a pure extract of the cannabis plant containing all the potent compounds such as terpenes, flavonoids, cannabinoids, fatty acids and a trace of THC. All these compounds bundle together and form herbal synergy, also known as the entourage effect. The entourage effect of these compounds is greater than the sum of the impact generated by individual compounds.

Full spectrum oil can be used in various CBD products such as CBD capsules, CBD gummies, CBD edibles, CBD pain cream, CBD balm, CBD vape etc. however, note that full spectrum CBD oil is different & superior from broad-spectrum CBD oil and CBD isolate. Let us learn the difference between all these three CBD forms.

The difference between Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, Broad Spectrum CBD Oil and CBD Isolate

Full spectrum CBD oil contains an entire spectrum of beneficial compounds that exist within hemp plants. Those beneficial compounds are cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)– the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis. Unlike full spectrum, broad CBD oil and CBD isolate doesn't contain THC.

On the other hand, broad spectrum CBD oil is full spectrum hemp oil minus THC. Yes, broad spectrum hemp oil is very much the same as full spectrum oil, but it does not contain the psychoactive compound called– THC. If you are not comfortable with THC, then you can choose broad spectrum CBD oil. Or else, full spectrum CBD oil will be an ideal choice.

CBD isolate is another form of CBD. It contains 99% of pure CBD. A specific extraction process is used to remove all the active compounds from the cannabis extract. Later, it is refined to remove all the phytocannabinoids further. In the end, all you get is a pure form of CBD, which is known as CBD isolate.

This is how all the three primary forms of CBD, i.e. full spectrum hemp oil, broad spectrum hemp oil and CBD isolate are different from each other. However, as mentioned earlier, if you are looking for a complete CBD form and have no issue with THC– full spectrum CBD oil would be the perfect choice.

Advantages of Full Spectrum CBD Oil

A guy picking up organic full spectrum CBD Oil

As we know, there are countless benefits of using CBD. However, the benefits multiplied when you choose full spectrum hemp CBD oil over other CBD oils. Below are some of the notable advantages of organic full spectrum CBD oil. Take a look.

A. Efficiency

The full spectrum hemp CBD oil is more efficient than the other CBD oil types in treating various conditions, diseases and disorders. By packaging the multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids together– full spectrum oil produces a strong synergy that ultimately yields better effects than the isolate CBD or broad spectrum CBD oil.

B. Organic Form

Full spectrum CBD oil does not contain any form of contaminants or the impurities. It is extracted from hemp plants. Further, it does not undergo any refining or mixing, unlike other CBD products. Even if the full spectrum products need to be altered or improved to enhance its potency, the CBD manufacturers don't use chemicals or adulterants. In conclusion, it's all always in organic form.

C. No Psychoactive Effect

Although full spectrum CBD oil contains a permissible amount of THC, it does not create high. The level of THC is always below 0.3% – the limit set by the FDA. This amount of THC does not develop any high and can be effectively taken up by the human body.

D. Medicinal Benefits

It is a known fact that every CBD product offers a range of benefits. Full spectrum CBD oil is no exception. It may help reduce chronic pain, improve poor blood circulation, fight against anxiety, reduce inflammation effect, regulate bowel movement, help provide a peaceful sleep, improve mood and mental health etc. 

E. Fights Mental Illness

Full spectrum CBD also combats mental illnesses. If you are not able to concentrate at the office or workplace work, full spectrum CBD can certainly help you with. It may also help you fight anxiety and depression. The cannabinoids present in the full spectrum CBD oil also helps remove the mental block created due to some tragedy. It also improves your mood.

F. Easy Availability

Full spectrum hemp oil can be found very easily across the USA and many other countries where it is legalized. All you have to do is Google! For example, if you live in Texas, Google– CBD products in Texas– and you will find a list of local stores around you along with the CBD websites. If you are familiar with the websites, you can buy online CBD products, or else, you visit the CBD stores.

G. Entourage Effect

When more than 80 phytocannabinoids like CBG, CBC, THC, CBN, CBDa, terpenes like pinene, myrcene & limonene, flavonoids, fatty acids and phytonutrients along with other chemical compounds contains in full spectrum CBD oil act in synergy– it produces a wholesome effect known as the entourage effect.

The entourage effect provides calmness, better sleep and mental alertness.

These were some of the notable advantages of using full spectrum hemp oil.

So by now, you know what full spectrum CBD oil is, how it is different from broad spectrum oil and CBD isolate, and you also know the advantages of organic full spectrum CBD oil. However, we are yet to learn how to find the best full spectrum hemp CBD oil and its dosage direction.

The following section explains the things that we have to take care of while buying full spectrum hemp oil. Take a look.

How to Find Best Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

As mentioned in the beginning, new CBD products are being introduced in the market every day. Besides, there is too much difference in the prices of even similar products from different companies. One company sells 100 ml of CBD oil for $40 while another company sells the same product for $100! Moreover, every company claims that their products are superior to others.

This manipulation marketing is enough to create confusion even in the mind of pro-CBD users. Therefore it has become inevitable that, rather than considering the claims put forward by CBD companies, we look & examine some of those parameters ourselves that actually matters and help us differentiate the good products vs bad products.

Besides, we also need to consider the science, safety and quality of every CBD product you buy.

Below are some of those things that you must take into account when you buy full spectrum CBD oil.

  1. Don't believe everything printed on the product label. Dig into the nitty-gritty of the ingredients. If needed, don't shy away from calling the manufacturer to know what they have actually used in the particular product.
  2. The other technique to find the best full spectrum CBD oil is by comparing the amount of cannabidiol in each bottle. Consider the number of milligrams in the entire bottle and the number of milligrams of CBD per dose. This will certainly help you isolate the good one among a sea of products.
  3. Always check the Certificate of Analysis– a third party tested lab report. This report helps us to understand whether the product contains any impurities or not, is contaminated or not. The certificate also informs whether the product has any accidental THC levels above the permissible limit or not.

The report also tells us about the presence or absence of metal microbial, herbicides, or pesticides. 

However, without regulation, medical research and explicit consumer knowledge, the onus is on us to make sure we buy the best full spectrum CBD oil from the extensive product line.

Let us move forward to understand how much CBD oil is too much and what amount of dosage one should take.

Dosage Direction for Full Spectrum CBD Oil

If you are a CBD user for a long time, then there is nothing to worry about. Because, by now, you may well know about your limits, the products you are comfortable with and the dosage amount. However, in case you are uninformed or a newbie– don't worry!

Following are some of the dosage tips that you must follow to make sure you do not get high or met with serious medical complications.

  • Always start with fewer amounts in the beginning. Notice the effect and improvements. Once you get comfortable with that dosage and feel like you can increase the dose– go for it. However, it is advisable that you raise the dosage only if you REALLY need it.
  • Limit your expectations. Don't expect too unrealistic results at the beginning of treatment itself. Remember, it's medicine, not magic. The results will take time.
  • Don't follow others. If your friend is taking three doses a day, you are not supposed to take three doses too– because every individual has a different body type. And every human body reacts differently to CBD.
  • You can try several different methods for desired results. For example, if CBD edibles are not giving you desired results, you can move to full spectrum CBD oil or vice versa. Besides, you can also change the timing or frequency of the dosage to get the optimum results.
  • Also, note that all CBD products do not offer the same results. It may vary from product to product and company to company. Therefore, don't expect the same results as earlier when you change the CBD product or the CBD brand.
  • Above all, visit the healthcare professional of doctors for consultation & guidance. You can get some ideas and information about the CBD products from online articles, blogs or websites. However, it is recommended that when it's about health, it's always better to consult doctors before starting any medication.
  • Medical professional will guide you with the right products and the proper dosage that can certainly help you fight the disorder/condition you are ailing with.

These are some of the tips that you must follow before you finalize the dosage amount and dosage frequency. 

We hope that, above information about the CBD, full spectrum CBD hemp oil, its benefits, the tips to remember when you buy full spectrum hemp oil and dosage direction may help you understand the in-and-out of full spectrum CBD. 


Without a doubt, full spectrum CBD oil is a superior product among other CBD products. Its medicinal benefits following entourage effects have helped the product to become one of the most demanding CBD products among CBD enthusiasts. However, it is advisable that you consult the doctor before taking any CBD supplements.

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