How Is CBD Extracted?

Well, a maximum number of individuals would be aware of what is Cannabidiol or CBD and how immensely beneficial it has been for not only for humans but for their pets too. Since it belongs to the same marijuana plant family, it received a mixed response from the people. But not many of them would be aware of how is CBD or CBD products are made. CBD is one of many compounds found in hemp plant. CBD hemp oil is extracted from the hemp plant, and further new and innovative CBD infused products are manufactured.

The sole purpose of this extracting process is to separate the cannabinoids and impurities to produce a highly concentrated form of CBD oil suitable for consumption. In the end, THC is left out, and the only goal is to have pure CBD. CBD is manufactured and sold in the form of oils, edibles, and even CBD topical creams and rubs. The most popular way of consuming CBD is full spectrum CBD oil for treating any ailments. CBD oil has a unique and lasting effect on the body’s endocannabinoid system. CBD hemp oil is popular for facilitating multiple benefits without making the users feel high. Let us fathom in how many ways CBD can be extracted from hemp plant and the life expectancy of CBD oil, shall we?

1) Extraction By Olive Oil

In the first step, the raw material from the hemp plant is decarboxylated. To activate the chemicals in the plants, the raw material is put on heat for a specific time on a pre-decided temperature Later on, this plant material is mixed into olive oil and re-heated to extract the cannabinoids. This process may be the oldest type of extraction. Our ancestors may have used it to make CBD oil and relish its goodness. It is inexpensive, safe, and quite simple.

2) Extraction By Liquid Solvent

One of the most common forms of extraction is using a liquid solvent like butane, ethanol, isopropyl or even alcohol. This extraction method begins when the plant material such as the flowers are put into a container. The solvent is then mixed with the plant material which results into releasing of the cannabinoids that are later transferred to the liquid. The liquid is further heated and it eventually it gets evaporated from the mixture, and there you have a concentrated form of cannabinoids that resemble the consistency of oil.

However, it is the most dangerous method of extraction as the liquids are highly flammable and it also destroys the plant waxes that contain several health benefits.

 3) CO2 Extraction

This method of extracting CBD hemp oil is not only the latest and most advanced but also quite expensive and complicated. For this method, you'd need a closed loop extractor having three chambers. The first chamber contains pressurized and solid dry ice, dried hemp plant material in the second chamber, and the finished product gets separated in the last chamber. CO2 from the first chamber is pumped into the second one containing the plant material. The supercritical CO2 (the state between liquid and gas) is mixed with the plant material extracting the essential cannabinoids. It is then pushed into third chamber where the CO2 rises at the top of the chamber, and the oil containing all the vital cannabinoids rest at the bottom which can be used by consumers.

Amongst all three extraction methods, CO2 extraction method is more viable as it facilitates maximum benefits without any potential downsides. You get a safe full-spectrum CBD hemp oil that does not contain THC and will provide much-needed relief.

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