Hemp Flower Lifters— The CBD Strain That You Deserve

South Oregon deserves a standing ovation for the staple they've given to drool over to every pot lover in the form of CBD hemp flowers. Also called the hemp flower lifter, it's a strain that lightens up your day and sizzles up your night. The perfect sought-out variant of CBD flower family has high lifter CBD without any psychoactive effects.

So, how did Oregonians cook this flower? What genetics did they combine to get a whiff of lovely aroma that these flowers have?

Unique Oregonian combination— a welcomed hybrid hemp cultivar in the market

CBD lifter is a hemp strain that's brought up by the combination of Suver Haze #50 and Early Resin Bud. Haze is a sativa dominant hybrid which has 18 to 20% of CBD content and a mere 0.1% of the infamous psychoactive molecule— THC. Resin buds, on the other hand, own a special part in CBD lifter with its bright trichrome consistency and nugs that create a gooey feeling on touch.

Let's talk about its appearance...

The strain has a unique appearance with unnatural dark shade which isn't too dominant but dominant enough to give it a rare overall look. The shred-like structure adds a lot of appeal on the complete strain.

With olive green colour pigment carpeted all over the hemp strain and some brown-coloured undertone blended in it— the genetic-brilliance of the CBD lifter is worth a sight. Splashed with a hint of purple colour— thanks to the trichomes and its frosty look— this cannabis plant could just become the epitome of beautiful colour palettes. 'The green,' 'the brown,' and 'the purple' colour in the hemp strain settle around each other wonderfully to give us what we know of CBD lifter.

and flavour...

Like lifter's visually-arresting looks, you'll be awestruck by its super-satisfying taste that gives a touch of blueberry taste. The trace of berries has a delightful tasting experience on the taste buds, strengthening your strain-craving like never before.

and aroma

Remember we used the word drool? The aroma of lifter CBD owns all the credit for creating a soothing olfactory sense in our nerves. The funky cheese aroma has an addictive smell of fuel. The tropical, fruity undertone gives a sense of pride in smelling a bark of trees or grasses. The aromatic-magic of the lifter CBD keeps you wanting it more for your meal and dinner.

The appearance, flavour, and aroma unify together to give us one of the most influential CBD profiles which hold therapeutic-mastery without having any psychoactive side-effects on our bodies.

The therapeutic-geniuses of lifter CBD— its effect and conditioning on humans

Like any other CBD strain— Oregon's CBD hemp flower produces a strong entourage effect in our bodies. What does this mean? It means that all the components in the hemp flower— CBD, terpenes, flavonoids, etc. work in concert (synergistically) to neutralize the psychoactive impact of THC.

Since lifters have high cannabidiol content, and merely 3 THC particles every 1000 components of hemp— administrating the flower would mean high focus and enhanced mind and body energy.

The strain also promises to have an anticipating effect on your varying chronic conditions such as arthritis, spasticity, inflammation, epilepsy, migraines, gestational issues, and sleep and appetite problems.

And who wouldn't want to have hemp flowers given they manage your anxiety and depression? Yes, CBD has been a long-serving anti-anxiety and depressing agent that you can deploy to get treated at your disposal.

Having said all— what's so special about its conditioning? Well, it lets us access all the medicinal benefits of CBD without striking us high. All in all— hemp flower lifters are an excellent way to feel relaxed and robust without us having to worry about its side-effects. Even if you overdose yourself— you'd barely have any side-effects barring red eyes and dry mouth that's mildest of the mildest problems.

lifter CBD|John’s CBDYou must be curious about what genetic profiles exactly mean. Well, it's nothing but the different genes or components of hemp lifters that shape up their unique qualities. So, what makes these hemp flower lifters fit in a unique CBD strain category? Here's the list.

  • Bisabolol
  • Pinene
  • Humulene
  • Geranyl Acetate
  • Caryophyllene
  • Limonene
  • Myrcene
  • Farnesene

These components are terps and flavonoids that help us recognize what we call hemp flower lifter. They all combine in unique compositional structure for setting up a distinct lifter CBD.

The strain-family of lifters

One thing is sure— the cultivators have called it lifters because of its uplifting effect, but how did it come into the picture?

As mentioned— the hemp flower lifter is the product of experimentation by the Oregon CBD. They cross-bred Suver Haze #50 with Early Resin Bud to cultivate a highly-dominating strain. Whether you want to have a lifter product like edibles and gummies or drag it through bong— the hemp flower lifter easily captures the perfect strain market pie. We wouldn't be surprised if you'll find it at the top of the marijuana shelves.

Cultivating hemp flower lifters

Interbreeding two strains to grow a highly-dominant CBD hemp flower is a very strenuous task. Since we got to make certain severe conditions ticked before running into full-fledged cultivation— the interbreeding of strains could be a daunting experience if you are a marijuana grower.

One of the primary challenges of crossing two strains is to preserve the terpene profiles so that we don't lose the ingrained aroma and flavour in it. With the right apical dominance, that is, by allowing the central stem of the plant to grow more dominantly than side-stems, we can force the hemp plant to have higher vertical growth than horizontal growth.

In simpler terms, you have to make it grow like a Christmas tree and not a banyan tree. But what makes tropical growth of hemp plants more successful? With apical dominance growth— you can strengthen your hemp to grip dense flower buds when they mature.

The way tropical hemp flowers develop the hierarchy— the entire structure of the plant looks beautiful and consistent in its shape. Although you can have it achieved in all weathers— extremely frosty conditions could harm your cultivation business.

Should you go for the lifter CBD?

Of course, yes! Regardless of your experience— whether you are a veteran or a novice— lifter CBD strain can be the best CBD you'll ever want. The exceptional blend of genetics with low-level of THC also fights the stigma that revolves around hemp strains.

Since you could reap all of its benefits without having to trade-off your consciousness— why not give it a try? You can have it to have a charging day at your office, and you can have it before bedtime to have a balanced circadian sleep rhythm.

Overall, the potpourri of health benefits of this wonderfully-driven interbred is an excellent fit for any person regardless of their demography & age.

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