Famous Celebrities & Athletes Who Love to Endorse CBD

Passing of the Farm Bill 2018 was received with excitement by millions of Americans who have for years been denied access to various CBD products such as CBD pills, creams, lotions, candies, gummies, and even pure CBD oil. Today, people no longer ask questions like; is CBD oil legal in Texas, but instead try to find out where they can buy these products legally.

 The ability of products such as CBD balm to manage various medical conditions has earned it popularity amongst its users. It is believed to manage medical conditions such as arthritis, insomnia, pain, myalgia, anxiety and much more. With its growing popularity, celebrities from all walks of life have rallied their support behind omni CBD oil and other related products. The following are some of the most famous celebrities that have come out to openly endorse the use of CBD oil products.

1. Mike Tyson

During his active days, no one dared mess with the now 53 year old former boxing champion. It appears he wasn’t just good at throwing punches, but also his entrepreneurship skills are coming into play.  He owns a broad range of businesses, including the Tyson Holistic Holdings, he Cannabis Resort and is believed to own a company that is involved in various strains of marijuana. He has lots of interest in CBD business, having launched a pain-relieving roll-on known as CopperGel, which closely resembles the typical plus CBD oil spray. There is no doubt that the ambitious former boxer will stop at nothing in establishing a successful marijuana empire. At the moment, he is rumored to be considering introducing various CBD-infused drinks.

2. Mandy Moore

The 35 year old songwriter, singer and actress is known for her amazing fashion sense, singing abilities and dancing skills. Whenever she graces the red carpet, Moore ensure that everything stands out. It wasn’t therefore a surprise to many CBD lovers when she confirmed that she applied some omni oil o her feet during the Golden Globes to reduce pain on her feet that may result from walking around in high heels.

3. Seth Rogan

Many only know him as a Canadian-American movie producer, director, actor, writer and comedian. However, what most people don’t is that, Rogan is a passionate about charity work. He is the founder of Hilarity for Charity, a not-for-profit organization that champions and creates awareness of Alzheimer’s disease. Considering the many health benefits products such as CBD pills have on such patients, Rogan doesn’t miss an opportunity to advocate for CBD and medical marijuana use.

4. Kim Kardashian

The controversial media personality, actor and socialite and wife to rapper Kanye West has never distanced herself to the use of CBD products such as CBD balm. The mother of four is known for her love for fine things life can offer, and it appears CBD products are just some of the things she personally likes and wouldn’t mind sharing the same with her fans. She is rumored to have used CBD products during the baby shower of her 4th child. Why does she like CBD? Well, it is believed that she loves the calming effects the chemical compound has whenever she uses.

5. Morgan Freeman

Touted as one of the best narrators the world has ever had, Morgan is adored by his fans for his usually relaxed nature. In the movie, he is the schemer who takes things easy, in his strides and strives to find perfect solutions to every problem. However, in real life, it appears that the actor will not hesitate to use CBD oil spray calm his painful muscles after episodes of stunts in movies. He is a known advocate medical marijuana use.

6. Whoopi Goldberg

She wears many hats; an acress, comedian, a TV hostess, comedian author, but most importantly a ardent CBD advocate. When she is not on camera, she runs her CBD line of CBD products known by the brand name Whoopi & Maya. She is especially passionate about products like pure CBD drops that can help women relieve pain resulting from usual cramps and periods as well as discomfort that usually affects women dealing with menopause. She has come out openly as a user of CBD for pain, anxiety and glaucoma relief.

7. Michael J. Fox

Michael J. Fox has been acting from the 1970s but what most people didn’t know about the Canadian film producer, comedian actor, and author is that, he is an activist. In 1991, the actor was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Nine years later, in 2000, Fox started the Michael J. Fox Foundation which has mainly been involved in researching Parkinson’s, especially the use of medical marijuana and CBD in managing its symptoms. Through his foundation, Fox has provided evidence that shows anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD due to its binding effect with the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

8. Rihanna & Snoop Dog

The two musicians don’t need an introduction since they have for many years been on the forefront championing for the recreational use of marijuana. They are however believed to use products such as pure CBD drops and plus CBD oil spray to manage anxiety and pain. They advocate for marijuana legalization through one of the most powerful tools; music. Furthermore, they never hide the fact that they are marijuana users.

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