Donald Trump (CBD flowers) and Joe Biden (THC flowers)— you have a competition with Jo Jorgenson (CBG flowers)

It's election fever in the states, and people can't get enough of the current president Donald Trump and democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden. They're the two most talked presidents in the history of American elections.

Media, both mainstream and social, have gone berserk over their favorite candidates, predicting their winners. The elections have also attracted worldwide attention. But so much is the air around the two candidates, the conversations/debates feel monopolized sometimes.

They could have introduced Jo Jorgensen for a fresh libertarian perspective, but we are so accustomed to the old views that the new opinions feel hostages to the old nuts.

Something similar is happening with the cbg flower

You must be wondering why I am ranting about elections here. Well… something similar is happening with cbg flowers. You can consider her the Jo Jorgenson of the cannabis plants.

We often talk so much about thc and cbd, the trumps and the bidens of marijuana, that we don't acknowledge the existence of other cannabinoids in the herb. Sure one is highly recreational, and the other is medicinal, but ignorance is quite real.

I wouldn't say the less research has made it a low-talked component. Instead, I'd confirm people with possessed ideologies don't want to seek truth and love discarding the opinions on lesser-known cannabinoids (and candidates). :P

But I've given her good ears. You'll know everything about cbg flowers. HERE!

If I said— the American constitution is libertarian-oriented, and both the democratic and conservative points of view spring out of this, would you still be my friend? Not sure if anyone would believe it.

Okay. Now, what if I said— both cbd and thc spring out of cbg. Of course, not many would want to give up their faith in favorite recreational and medicinal chemicals. It's a tough pill to swallow. How on earth could minor components be responsible for cbd and thc?

Well, first of all, cbg hemp flowers are not minors. She may be a lesser-talked cannabinoid component, but fewer talks don't mean less importance. I double bet you to know her in and out. So let's begin with discovering what she actually is.

What is cbg?

If cbd is cannabidiol and thc is tetrahydrocannabinol, what is cbg? Of course, it has to be something that ends with "ol." Right? Absolutely right! It's cannabigerol (cbg). So generous of you to guess the nuclear code. Just kidding!

Cannabigerol comes from its acidic part— cannabigerolic acid (CBGa). CBGa is the daddy-molecule of all the cannabinoids. If dad doesn't exist, his semen won't exist either. So it's the parent molecule of CBGa that helps synthesize all the other cannabinoids you know.

But you know how parent-kid relationships work these days. No one acknowledges the boomer parent. But kids are busy breaking the internet. Pretty much the same case with CBGa and thc/cbd, respectively. Everyone knows cbd/thc. Who knows their boomer dad? No one minus myself. :/

For your certainty, here's how the chain looks like: without cbg(a), there wouldn't be any cbg, without cbg, there wouldn't be any cbd and that infused food that you have in dinner and morning rituals. Without cbg, there wouldn't be thc or any other cannabinoid you enjoy for recreational anticipations.

"But most hemp plants don't have more than 1% cbg flower. If she's so important, why is she so scarce?"

What an observation! If she's scarce, why pay hoot in hell? But what it seems with naked eyes need not be true. While it's true she doesn't have a significant presence in the weed plant, most of her is converted into other cannabinoids.

Everything depends on how cbg(a) is transformed into cbg. That decides her fate in the future. But generally speaking, she doesn't go over 1% in most of the cannabis strains. A study suggests that cbg converts into significant cannabinoids as the plant grows, including cbd and thc.

"Dude! Cannabidiol is super-safe and non-psychoactive. What about your newly-found lady-love cannabigerol?"

Trust me! If you think cannabidiol is the only non-psychoactive substance in your herb, you haven't tried and tested other components. Especially cannabigerol. Yes! Cannabigerol is also non-psychoactive.

Now you'd yell in higher-notes, "but, but! Cbd is also therapeutic in nature. She heals your pain, gets you through the anxious nights, and disturbed days. What about your lady cannabigerol? Can she wake you up from the grave?"

Unfortunately, she doesn't. But she does deliver therapeutic effects quicker than any cannabinoids. And that should particularly open the gateways for cbg hemp flowers.

Okay. So what is a cbg flower?

A flower that has lots and lots of cbg? Yes, an informal definition would sound like this. You can say it's a hemp flower rich in cannabigerol (cbg) in more sophisticated terms.

You must have heard of cbd or thc flower. These buds or strains have high cbd or thc. Similarly, cbg hemp flowers have high non-toxicating cbg. But here's the rub. Since she has a limited presence in the plant, cultivators have to deploy special breeding techniques. We call it the cbg flowering breeding technique.

If you are curious about what they do with this breeding method, well, they infuse cannabigerol in buds to have the final product with a higher concentration.

"If she can readily be cultivated, why don't we see her more often?"

There's no shame in admitting cbg flowers are not even close to being widely available as cbd or thc products. Firstly, most of her parts are converted into other cannabinoids; you already know that. But that's not the only reason.

Secondly, cultivating, harvesting, and extracting cbg is not easy. It's quite sensitive. The final cbg has to undergo a lot of production. And that's why you don't see her more often. Got it? Great!

Here's the good part. I don't think we're sticking to the same breeding, harvesting, and processing techniques for the future. We might see better ways to extract as much cannabigerol as we can. Researchers are in the studying phase. I'm sure they're going to find a way out for it.

In case you're thinking of buying, cbg flower sale can help answer your call. For your safety, let me be clear— these cbg flowers are not exactly free, but have a very less amount of Thc. As it's less than 0.3%, you're safe from the hands of the anti-marijuana squad.

"Okay. Okay. Enough! But why should I use it over cbd?"

Sure, you love cbd, like you love Trump. You're selfishly in love with her. So switching to another candidate is obviously not easy. But here's the truth. Cbg has its own benefits that are very similar to cbd.

Yeah! It's not as much reviewed as cbd, and all its science-backed models are animal models, but that doesn't mean we don't have enough ideas on it. Here's the list of benefits that should make your day and ease your night. Keep scrolling.

#1 There's hardly any doubt. Cbg is more pain-relieving than Thc.

I know how much you love consuming Thc. Who wouldn't if it glides you to a different realm altogether? The recreational component takes you to a new universe, forgetting about all your pain. Sounds great? Well, if only it were true.

In reality, Thc doesn't have as hard an analgesic effect as cbg or cbd. I knew this beforehand you would disagree. I have got proof for you. Her analgesic properties are more effective in relieving chronic pain than Thc.

So you have two benefits working with cbg.

a) She's not psychoactive. So you're treating your problem without risking your health or getting high.

b) She's damn effective as she comes with no toxicity and side effects.

Now you might want to go with relieving agents of pharmaceutical medications or non-opioid pain relievers such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

Both are great for relieving your pain. But while the former carries high-risk opioid use disorder, the latter holds the risk of toxicity, side-effects, and internal organ damages. You'd want to avoid such complications. Won't you?

But cannabigerol's profile is one heck of a beauty. She has such a tremendous tolerable level that you can't abuse yourself even when you want her to toxicate you. It certainly proves how safe the organic Cbg hemp flowers are— she can't go even beyond her wish.

#2 Your mood may get down. But not always out with cbg.

One could hardly deny mood fluctuations in election times. Trump or Biden, we are so radically attached to our favorite candidates that letting tension pass through the air and smoking it into our system is quite usual. Result? Dullness, anxiety, low mood, and procrastination.

So when you can't sit on your desk correctly or have a hard time concentrating on your baseball match on tv, only because you've been dreaming about your favorite candidate, you need something to cheer up the mood!

Fortunately, cbg is what you should have, obviously if you don't have cbd. There are scientific cues that suggest cannabigerol triggers anandamide production in our bodies. Ananda… what? Well, "anandamide."

It is derived from the Sanskrit word "ananda." The word means joy, bliss, & uplifted mood. People call it "ananda molecule" or "bliss molecule."

Here's what happens in our bodies. We have endocannabinoid systems slathered all over our bodies. These systems have cannabinoid receptors cb1 and cb2.

Cannabinoid molecules reach 'em out, interact with the receptors, and increase your well-being to uplift your mood. But these neuro-transmitting molecules get tired too. They stop sending blissful signals to your brain.

So you need something when these molecules have decided to rest— something powerful to take its job. Cbg plays this role quite smoothly and re-establishes a bridge between the endocannabinoid system and mental well-being.

#3 You may have a swollen body. But it doesn't last long.

Did you know inflammation sometimes becomes an immune stress response? You're thinking, do I say this? Just look at yourself! Stress is bolstering up. You're expecting your favorite candidate to win.

But the hyper physiological level of cortisol is building up in one fell swoop. Your body feels swollen. The oxidative stress is consuming you. Nothing is going right your way! What do you do? Cbg!

Like cbd, cbg is a tonic for anti-inflammation. Not the adulterated tonics those hakims and ayurvedic guys sell, but the natural organic compound. When your conditions have turned physiological, your damaged cells release chemicals.

These chemicals are not nasty; they're immune responses. They force your blood vessels to leak fluid that causes swelling. But they can be very painful. Cbg's antioxidant defense can help cells settle with oxidative stress. Think of any inflammatory problem, and cbg can potentially heal it.

For example, if you happen to have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)— you can buy cbg for sale and support your well-being.

#4 Your face may have been acne-prone. But cbg makes it clean.

Do you know about sebaceous glands? They are John D. Rockefellers of your body. The masterminds of oil-production. But when Rockefellers have had a monopoly, they are not suitable for your body. They produce a lot of oil that pops-out of the skin pores.

But they're still not a dangerous problem until the real trouble begins. The real problem starts when skin pores have been clogged by dead cells and microbes, such as bacteria. They simply don't let oil stream out of the pores.

And when these pores are jam-packed with dead cells and bacteria, the stagnant oil stuck in the follicle leads to acne/pimples. So what do we do now?

You may have heard how cbd is effective against acne and pimples. She has undoubtedly turned into one of the most sought-after skin-care supplements. But she's not the only pro-skin compound in cannabis.

Cbg products, though seldom available in the market, are helping with skin-care supplements along with cbd. So cbd that was a lone-organic smooth-skin battler for a long time has support from cbg now.

As far as studies are concerned, cbg has acne-fighting spirits like those lady gladiators and sparta. Her antibacterial properties keep acne breakouts at bay. Do you know what I like the most about cbg flowers? She's remarkable in taming dry skin conditions as well.

So whether you're leaking oil or running short of necessary moisture on the skin, cbg is a safe bet to play on. You may want to mix cbd and cbg and wait for the magic to take place for better effect.

#5 You might be aging. But cbg keeps you young from face value.

Young or old, everyone wants to get into politics. And trust me— it can get on your face and skin. You will age faster with politics than you would age without it. So that invites an anti-aging skin-reliever.

Here's what happens when you pre-age.

Every one of us has oxygen atoms in our skin. As long as they're stable under your skin, everything seems fair. But the real deal-breaker is when this oxygen loses electrons in oxidative stress.

These electrons break free of the atom and roam around freely, like a road-side bummer. No price for guessing; these bummers damage your skin badly. Unless you've fetched them an atom and helped them get back to their shells, they'll keep destroying your skin. And this causes wrinkles and aging.

But cbg has other plans like our cbd always does. She's considered to have antioxidant properties. So when you consume hemp flowers, cbg ensures these unstable free radical bummers are schooled for good. They're asked to sit politely in the oxygen atom, and everything gets back to normal.

What should compel you to try cbg flower over cbd and thc?

Since I don't have to pay taxes for being honest, I will speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. There are certain similarities and differences between the three.

  • One of the pluses of cbg is that it produces a deficient level of thc. But here's the catch. You've to apply the appropriate method of breeding and cultivation of her.
  • She appeals to a different group of audience. Not necessarily; you have to be a cbd lover to try it. You may hate cbd and yet love cbg.
  • Cbd flowers simply refuse to act on some people. But more importantly, they also act aggressively on many. So cbg flower is a brilliant alternative for weed-heads who have a hard time tolerating cbd.
  • She's relatively new in the market. Not many know how she behaves under different circumstances. You'd want to be a fire-maker here. Experience it. Share your ideas. Enjoy the luxury of being the first few cbg-users of the world.

So are you voting for Jo Jorgenson this time?

Jo Jorgenson giving speech

Sorry! I'm not running propaganda. I mean... are you voting for cbg over cbd and thc this time? Here's what you'll get if you vote her over the hemp arena's established superstars.

  • You have a brand new product to test. If you love cbd and thc, and both somehow happen to be falling off your cup of tea, you don't have to get sad. Cbg flower is a mighty cannabinoid-introduction by JohnCBD.
  • Fresh product. Fresh effectivity. Cbd and thc may not have worked on you. You might have been calling them hypes. But when the hypes have toned down, there exists a cannabinoid that brings freshness to the table. Cbg it is.
  • She makes the cannabis industry move beyond the two-party race. The radical split between the two most noted components can adjust her in between.

What're you waiting for? Did you beautify your shelves with her yet?

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