Do You Really Need a Prescription to Buy CBD Oil?

Due to the vast medical properties of CBD, you can see a wide range of products available on various online and offline stores. And why not, CBD brings so many benefits with it. The right dosage of CBD oil capsule and other CBD products can result in decreased stress and pain apart from several other benefits.

However, there is still not much clarity on whether one needs a prescription before trying out CBD based products or not. Before going deep have a look at first about what CBD is and why there are so many legality issues over it.

What is CBD? Is it Legal to Manufacture and Use?

Cannabidiol or  CBD is one of the compounds produced by cannabis plants and which can be extracted from hemp and marijuana both. However, hemp-extracted CBD contains very little amount of THC ( prime constituent in marijuana) and this is why recently the government has updated its Farm Bill. The bill allowed CBD oil manufacturers in Texas and 32 other states to manufacture and sell CBD oil putting a threshold of 0.3% of THC in any CBD product.

However, in states like Georgia, the low THC oil registry allows some patients to have up to 5% of THC  based CBD oil while the state of Idaho does not allow THC constituted CBD oil making it a bit hazy. But amid all of this, CBD manufacture and usage is totally legal in most of the states and it all depends on whether you have a medical implication of severe diseases or not. In case you have one, it's better to ask your physician before using any of such products.

Meanwhile, CBD has a lot of magical properties and hence it has been widely incorporated as a medicine for relieving pain, anxiety, and depression and is also known for its cosmetics properties.

Benefits of CBD Oil

  • It can Relieve pain from injuries, accidents, operations, etc.
  • It can reduce anxiety and depression
  • It may reduce side effects to Cancer-related symptoms
  • It can be used to treat acne
  • May augment in improving heart health
  • Limited amount of it may be used to treat drug addiction

Methods of Using CBD Oil

One can experience a wide range of benefits of using CBD oil by using related products through various methods. Primarily there are 4 ways to use CBD oil products which include ingestion, sublingual use, topical application and lastly by inhalation.

In oral ingestion, CBD oil drops are taken in proper dosage as prescribed or suggested and based on the individual's health and requirements. The ingested oil goes into the digestive system, liver and to all parts of the body giving a sensation of relief.

Sublingual usage requires patients to hold the product to carry the hemp oil drops on the tongue rather than swallowing it like in a case with ingestion. It is a great method for oral intake and shows its effect way faster than ingestion.

For treating certain conditions, oral ingestion and sublingual methods are not the best ones to rely on. In topical usage, products like creams and lotions are applied directly on the skin which eventually makes its way into the bloodstream and body.

Note: This method is ideal for those who don't have a great digestive system and for those who want to get rid of their skin issues.

Lastly inhalation, the process that has its own significance and can be consumed by heating the product and then inhaling its vapors. In this way, the product is directly consumed by the lungs resulting in faster results.


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Factors to Consider While Buying CBD Oil

Different CBD products vary differently in their impacts and their potency. Hence the amount of intake of a product one takes should be based on the individual's requirements and symptoms.


Before buying any such product, make sure it's pure and the best way to judge that is to ask the company itself about their methods of preparation, the ingredients they have used. A background check might be the best option for you to judge how reliable a product may be.


All the CBD products vary based on the percentage of its constituents and hence one may not be able to judge what strength one may acquire by using it. The best way to judge this is to apply a hit and trial method. Unless you are sure of a product, this method will let you know the potency a drug has to treat a specific symptom.


The ideal way to know about a product’s quality before purchasing it is to know from the company itself. Before buying any CBD product, make sure to ask the company about the product constituents and what impact it may offer to a specific symptom. Their answers may give you an idea of their products.


Price is always a factor before choosing any product. However, before determining if the product fits your budget, make sure it is authentic and approved by a physician. No doubt, one must look for the best quality product at an affordable price.

Do You Need a Prescription for CBD Products?

NO. Ideally, no prescription is required for purchasing CBD oil and other products as it does not contain the amounts of THC like Cannabis does. Moreover, CBD products are known for treating a wide range of diseases and find an important place in the cosmetics industry.


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