Difference between CBD oil and CBD Vape oil


The use of CBD gained momentum as it started to outperform the effects of regular medications and treatments and patients shifted their focus towards the use of CBD products and adopted it as their health and wellness partner. It became immensely popular when several CBD based companies grabbed this opportunity and rolled out a variety of different hemp infused products. You could easily locate these products at any local drug mart, from vapes, oil tinctures, skin and hair care products, supplements and edibles, pills and much more, provided you were well aware of the laws about the use of hemp-based products in your state/country .  

Initially, due to lack of authentic information  people had this question popping up in their head that - “ What is CBD Oil ?” Tonnes of articles and studies got published which made the potential customers curious enough to see if these products were a hit or a miss. For quite some time,  people were aware about one of the classic methods of consumption wherein the users put 2-3 drops of oil under the tongue and thus it was popularly called Sublingual method. But with the release of vapes and special vapes oils people often get confused whether to opt for a regular CBD oil or a vape oil . Due to their similar state people assumed it could be used either way. But, the fact is they were designed as per their particular way of use. Let’s see what makes these two oil different despite being from the same extract :

CBD Oils

CBD tinctures are designed keeping in mind their oral way of consumption. They are made when CBD is extracted from hemp plant by steeping the leaves and hemp flowers, submerged into grain alcohol that does not induce the feeling of high in users. This mixture is then placed on a low heat setting until the flowers and leaves release their active compounds in the alcohol while the excess alcohol gets boiled off. If CBD is extracted via CO2 extraction process it results into a concentrated form of CBD which is diluted using other specific oils by the manufacturers in a way that it can be easily digested by the body. Moreover, other ingredients are added to improve the overall flavor.

CBD Vape Oils

CBD vape oils are customized in a way that it can be only be used in vapes and e-cigarettes. Since concentrated CBD is too thick to flow through the vape devices, a thinning agent is added to dilute the solution to make the flow of liquid easy. Apart from that, it also ensures higher volume which is related to how long the liquid might last in the vape before refilling it. Moreover, this thinning agent results in the production of thick clouds of vapor when exhaled at the end. One of the main benefits of CBD vape oils is that it comes in a variety of different flavor options to choose from.

Well, among both you should choose what goes best for you. The most convenient way of doing it is to try both and see which ones fetches your attention the most.

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