CBD Oil Massage: A Guide Through CBD Massage Oil and Benefits

Nothing soothes the body, heals the strained muscles and clears your mind like a gentle massage. Massage plays a crucial role in your overall well being, both mentally and physically. This therapy has been associated with reduced stress levels, stiffness, muscle pain, overall relaxation, and better sleep. It is a remedy that never fails in most instances. 

One of the most common things that guarantee the quality of massage, of course, is the masseur. Second, on the list is the quality of massage products; here is where CBD massage oil comes in. CBD is extracted from the industrial hemp plant or cannabis. The former is low in the psychoactive THC while the later is rich in it. Their use varies, but we will tackle later in the article. One fact that stands out about this cannabinoid is the fact that it is packed with numerous therapeutic properties such as anti-inflammatory, it is an anti-anxiety agent, among others. Preliminary studies show that apply massage on your skin or consuming it orally or any other method of administration has the potential of relieving pain and anxiety, among other CBD oil benefits. 

What other forms of CBD are available today?

Ever since CBD was discovered, it has been converted and infused into a broad range of products over the years depending on mode of consumption. We have conventional tinctures, gummies, and other edibles, shampoos, topicals (that are used for massage and other applications), vapes, name it! You can even add CBD oil into your cup of tea or coffee. 

CBD massage oils and why are they popular?

In a world where people are free to make choices that suit their preferences, the entrance of massage oil into the market was expected. Some smart massage parlors have been treating their customers to these treatments, retaining a stream of them. CBD massage oils are basically lotions or creams that have been infused with the therapeutic CBD for massage purposes and general use. 

Why is CBD massage different and how does it work?

Some of the know massage oil benefits that have been attributed to CBD include, but not limited to pain and anxiety relief. Note that irrespective of the form of CBD you take, the benefits are the same. It is just the scope of these benefits that differs. For example, edibles have to undergo the normal digestive system and therefore, the effects take a while before kicking. Topicals on the other hand bind directly with the endocannabinoid receptors that transfer them to the brain, triggering a response from the brain. Massage is usually recommended for prompt muscle relief. 

With the aforementioned CBD oil benefits, having a massage with CBD-infused oil enables the body to take in the cannabinoids and enjoy these benefits. The main difference between this and a typical massage is the use of specialized products, and there are many in the market at the moment. 

Who can enjoy a CBD massage?

Well, anyone. However, the following group of people will specifically notice and appreciate CBD massage more;

  • Those suffering from chronic conditions that cause serious pain such as arthritis, seniors in the society, and those that have been involved in an accident. 
  • Individuals dealing with mild to severe cases of anxiety and stress, including PTSD, which is becoming common in society. 
  • Athletes and gym enthusiasts who have to deal with regular soreness of muscles due to games or workouts or have to recover from injuries. 

Whether you are suffering from these conditions, or not, feel free to ask for, and enjoy your CBD massage oil benefits. Note that there are no known side effects of CBD, but this depends on the THC concentration. 

How do you enjoy your CBD massage?

Massage is meant to be enjoyed. To get the best from your massage session, there are a couple of crucial factors that should come into play. Some of them are; 

  • Adhere to the product instructions: This is especially recommended for at-home users who might want to just massage some parts of the body as opposed to the full-body massage. Most manufacturers will provide a user guide with the package. Of significance importance, if you are to maximize on your CBD oil massage, has to do with the dosage. 
  • Prepare your mind: Bring yourself for the session ahead. Stop thinking about anything else and be ready to be taken to another world as you experience CBD oil benefits like never before. Set the right mood, feel comfortable and let your body relax. You can even change the lighting of the room and play some relaxing music.
  • Ensure your skin is clean and dry: Transdermal application of CBD massage oil might result in low bioavailability when compared to other types of CBD products such as vapes and tinctures. You must, therefore, get rid of any obstacles on your skin such as sweat so that the absorption of CBD by the skin is not interrupted. Apply as much CBD oil as possible. 
  • When done, clean your hands: CBD massage oil might have some other ingredients that might harm other parts of your body like the eyes. It is therefore normal practice to clean your hands after you are done. 

In case you find the above considerations too much to follow, then it is advisable that you allow a masseur to take care of the entire process. Nothing beats the feeling of lying on a bed and lettings someone with soft hands massage your body while your eyes are closed thinking about nothing in particular and not wanting that feeling to stop. 

I want a massage, but is CBD legal?

This is a very common question but one of the best; is CBD legal? Well, there is no direct answer to that for various reasons. Yes, the federal government allows the use of CBD products that don’t exceed 0.3% of THC content. You can only achieve this if you extract the oil from hemp and not cannabis. So yes, so long as the THC content is below 0.3%, then you are not breaking the law. It is, however, important to note that several states have enacted CBD-related legislations which every user must be familiar with. The best way to find out is to check with the authorities; their websites can be a perfect starting point. 

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