CBD Oil for Pets and Humans: What is the Difference?

CBD oil has become the saving grace in most households. With individual health conditions becoming more common than they were before, it is essential to have something that takes away the worry. It is interesting to learn that CBD oil benefits for humans are no different from pets.

Yes, studies have shown that CBD works quite as well on pets as it does in humans given that they both have an endocannabinoid system. A lot of pet owners are recently becoming curious about whether they can actually share their CBD with their pets and vice versa.

It is no shock given how much pet owners love their babies and consider them part of themselves – which is the biggest reason as to why they overlook some significant differences between them and little Fido.

Omni CBD oil is still under a lot of investigations to ascertain some of the health benefits that have been put out there. Still, it would be such a colossal mistake to deny your dog the therapeutic benefits associated with it. 

Although there isn’t a simple yes or no answer for whether to share your stash of CBD oil with your dog, there are a few essential things that you can learn to aid in your decision making about the whole topic. Yes, it’s an important decision to make if you genuinely care about your pet and the effects of what you give to them have on their health.

Human vs Pet CBD oil

There is never a wrong or right question when it comes to yours and your little pet’s health. This is the exact reason why this particular one needs to be addressed with utmost seriousness to remove any doubts present when dosing your pet.

Omni oil is considered the most potent supplement there is out there. This is the reason why a considerable number of people are using it as an alternative medication to specific health conditions for both themselves and their dogs.

These conditions include:- 

  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of appetite
  • Chronic pain
  • And many more

So, is it safe for your furry friend to get their CBD dosage from your CBD?

No, it’s not. Why might you ask?

Well, you could give your dog your CBD, but that is problematic because the dosage amounts vary for each. CBD produced for humans is entirely different from CBD oil for dogs because the latter is very potent and concentrated compared to the former.

It therefore means, you cannot possibly give your pet the same dosage from your CBD as you would from theirs. 

This becomes a huge problem since an attempt could lead to an overdose and hence a myriad of side-effects you wouldn’t otherwise have to deal with.

That being said, you can still attempt the dosage while being as careful as possible by under-dosing your pet. Also, ensure that you mix it up with something else like food or a treat and avoid directly dosing your dog.

The other reason you should consider before you go ahead and share your CBD products bought in Texas by your dog is;

CBD for pets is often customized with tastes that Fido can associate with, such as bacon, which makes it easier for you to administer your dog’s daily dosage.

With human CBD often being every day and with no particular tastes, it might be harder for you to give your dog their CBD. 

And yes, it works the same way when it comes to you taking your dog’s CBD. I mean, how would you ever be comfortable ingesting flavored bacon CBD? It doesn’t make sense, right?


The FDA does not allow products that have been labelled one thing to be used for something else.

Short story, you cannot purchase CBD oil in Texas that is meant for humans and use it for your dog and vice versa.

Quality of CBD

Given that we have already established the fact that CBD for humans is not so great for dogs (although you could try and no one would raise a finger), nor is CBD for dogs so great for humans – you should know something about the quality of both.

Although CBD for pets is specific in its use, it is essential that you understand, the oil is not compromised in quality.

Of course, this goes for brands which are reputable and care about their clientele more than they do profits.

This means, yes you can use CBD for pets because the quality is top notch, but you still have to consider the other factors.


It has been asked a million times, what is CBD oil? Well, CBD oil has many definitions, but one always sticks out. 

CBD is a non-psychotropic compound that offers several therapeutic benefits to both pets and humans.

The above mentioned are the differences that should determine your decision on whether to use your CBD on your dog.

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