CBD Dosage – Factors that Inform the Right CBD Dosage

Finding the right CBD dosage takes a little more than what you might have heard. There are a number of factors that you have to consider before settling on a particular dosage. These factors will help you come up with a personal dosage measure. This is because people are different and the way CBD works for a particular person is not the same way it will work for another. Since there is no prescribed dosage amount for everyone it is important that you get it right when you settle on yours.

How to Choose the Right CBD Hemp Oil Dosage for Yourself

CBD works differently for different people using different forms of CBD. This, therefore, means that you are not in any position to choose a dosage amount because it works excellently for them. CBD hemp oil has different health benefits which mean that dosage amounts vary according to different factors. It is recommended that you have a record of your experience of using CBD and it will come in handy in helping you to settle on a dosage amount. How you feel, how long it takes to feel it and how much you use are some of the things you should have in your notebook as a way of understanding your relationship with CBD before making the dosage choice. A doctor who has specialized in CBD oil clearly said that the amount of CBD dosage to settle on is highly dependent on the type of condition you have. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when settling on a CBD dosage:-

The Form of CBD Oil

There are different types of CBD products to choose from, edibles, topicals, vape, tablets, and oils. These products have different CBD strengths and therefore making a dosage differs in all of them. Oils are usually more efficient and the dosage amount is indicated on the packaging. You can start with the suggested CBD dosage and proceed from there until you feel it is the right dosage for you. Tablets also work similarly to oils and therefore you can use the same procedure.

Vape is much stronger and has different strengths of CBD hemp oil, therefore, you can start with lower strengths and increase until it feels just right. Topicals can be used according to personal preference. Edibles are the easiest, take one gummy each day and add as you wish.

The Reason for Using CBD

It is very important to consider why you want to start using CBD. If you have a medical condition that you want to treat using CBD then taking the right CBD dosage is crucial. If you suffering from any of these conditions then CBD will be a great supplement or alternative treatment; anxiety, depression, cancer, chronic pain, seizure, epilepsy, insomnia, acne, inflammation, cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, bacterial infections and many more. According to research done on patients suffering from some of these diseases, the amount of CBD dosage to use differs from each condition. This example was given to explain; patients suffering from cancer and chronic pain would require more CBD oil than patients suffering from anxiety and insomnia.

Consulting Your Physician or A cannabis Doctor

If you have been using CBD for some time and you have a hard time making the decision, it is time to consult a professional. If you also don’t want to go through the whole hustle of making the decision on your own, go ahead and consult your physician. A doctor obviously has more information especially if you could find a medical cannabis doctor. Talk to the doctor about why you want to use CBD and they will advise you on the way to go about it. You also have a better chance of asking the doctor questions and learning more about CBD hemp oil.

The best part about using CBD is that you cannot have an overdose. This means that you can sample CBD as much as you want and still be safe, of course, taking too much is not necessary. It is also important to know that you cannot possibly get addicted to any CBD product. In fact, CBD is known to wear off the addiction side effect of THC. Having known all this, it will be easier to settle on CBD dosage that will give you your desired results. Note that you do not have to suffer from any medical condition to start using CBD oil because you can also use it to maintain your health too.

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