CBD Crystal: Best Ways to Use CBD Isolate Crystals

CBD has a lot of scope and usage in the medical industry due to its various properties. It can be used as a pain reliever, in the treatment of various diseases like and to augment treatment in neural and psychotic diseases. However, many of you might not be aware of a new form of CBD which is the best version of CBD and can be used in various ways without even requiring a physician.

What are CBD Isolate Crystals?

CBD crystals or CBD isolate crystals are the cleanest and purest form of CBD available today. In fact, their purity reaches a level of around 98% with marginal traces of cannabinoids and terpenes in the mixture. To make any CBD crystal, a hemp plant is taken in use which contains marginal amounts of THC. After extraction of CBD, resin developed from the hemp plant is also separated resulting in a pure isolated crystalline solid i.e. CBD isolate crystal.

The main advantage of using CBD crystals is that it contains 0% of THC making it a fully healthy product and does not have any side effects. As it is healthy to consume, there is no threat of overdosage unlike with CBD balm that requires an adequate amount of lotion over-usage.

CBD crystals can be used in various ways with each method having its own significance. Let’s have a look at all the methods one by one.

1. Dabbing

Dabbing is the most popular method of using CBD crystals. Under this one needs to melt the concentrated crystal and inhale the vapor cloud that develops. This method is best suited for conditions like inflammation and pain besides various other uses. To apply this method, you will require some accessories which include a dab rig, a torch lighter, a dabbing tool, and some CBD extract.

After assembling all the necessary tools, it is time to heat the nail with a blow torch till it becomes red hot. Next up, put the crystal on the nail so that it melts down and the vapor developed could be inhaled to get desired relief.

2. Mix with a carrier oil

To get better results one can use olive oil, coconut oil or buy hemp oil. The main purpose of preparing this is to create a much more potent dose. For this one must heat the CBD crystals while putting some hemp oil drops in it. Once it is heated, you can put the heated mixture in a hot water bath for up to 8-10 minutes.

An ideal concentration of the mixture should be 1000mg of CBD crystals in 10ml oil resulting in pain relief and is a great economical way of using CBD crystals.

3. Put Them with Edibles

The main reason why people prefer to use CBD crystal over other products like CBD oil, CBD oil capsule and others is that it can be used with food items. You can add these to pancakes, brownies, and sweets making much tastier eatables.

For this, one can add coconut oil or butter in CBD crystals followed by heating butter or oil and stirring crystal on it. The resultant mixture can be used in cooking giving a new taste, but will only show its desired effect in a couple of hours.

4. Turn Them into a CBD Cream

Among all other uses, this is a unique usage and application of CBD crystal. For this one would require a topical cream or another cream used for a certain purpose. Just adding the mixture of crystal with such lotion can result in a CBD cream that can be applied directly to the skin unlike other methods of application.

This method is extremely useful for treating pain relief in muscles, and other chronic induced pain in joints. So what are you waiting for, turn your tropical creams and balms into therapeutic CBD balms?

5. Using a Vape Pen

There are increasing numbers of people that like vaping with CBD having a large percentage of THC. However, that is not healthy and even more dangerous than smoking. But with CBD crystals, one can make vape pens with ease.

To vape CBD crystals, sprinkle some of it into your vape pen or vape box cartridge, power on the cartridge and you are ready for the pleasant taste. Vaping in this manner also is much safer than smoking and considering it does not contain THC, it’s a good alternative to people who want to leave smoking.

How Would You Use CBD Crystals to Your Advantage?

There are a lot of innovative ways by which one can use CBD crystals to their advantage giving a sensation of relief in severe diseases. Moreover, it does not inflict any side effect of over dosage issues. On top of it, it is safer and can be made delicious by adding some flavored CBD oil capsules or hemp oil drops with CBD crystal.


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