CBD Bioavailability: What You Need to Know and Significance

Every time you consume CBD products, or any other substance of medicinal value for that matter, the most important concern is always whether they are effective and will deliver the expected results. As a result, you want to take the best CBD products and in the most appropriate way to guarantee you the best outcome. 

You cannot discuss the effectiveness of CBD products without delving into its bioavailability. Unlike in the past, there exist various forms of CBD products; ranging from creams and lotions, tinctures, CBD capsules, edibles such as candies, and more. How you consume these products varies broadly, and their CBD concentration also varies. As a result, it can be confusing, especially for first-time users of CBD products when making the right choice on what products to use, and for what purposes. 

To get the best effect you must ensure that as much of the chemical compound is absorbed into the bloodstream as possible. That is what bioavailability means. You have to understand, for example, how many CBD oil drops will give you the best effect and after how long. While it is easier to understand bioavailability for prescriptions from the medical doctors, possibly for managing medical conditions due to predetermined dosages, this is not always an easy thing to determine in the event that you make the purchase directly from the retailers. 

It is therefore important to emphasize the fact that bioavailability of CBD products is determined by the mode of consumption and also largely by the concentration of CBD in the product. 

CBD Consumption Methods: The Varieties

Experts believe that intravenous administration of CBD products guarantees the best bioavailability. It is argued that this option guarantees 100% delivery of the chemical compound, triggering almost instant effect. However, most people will not be comfortable pricking their skin with needles whenever they want to administer CBD. As a result, there are many other options available that are equally good and recommended for CBD products for sale.

Oral consumption of edibles

Oral consumption of products such as CBD capsules is by far the most common method of consuming CBD products. Generally, edibles come in different forms such as candies, gummies, beverages like coffee and teas and even cakes. While this is the most popular mode of consuming CBD products, it is hampered by one main shortcoming; the fact that the products consumed has to go through the body’s digestive and metabolic system. During the process, a large chunk of CBD is filtered out, lowering its bioavailability tremendously. 

A study conducted in 1986 placed the rate of bioavailability of CBD products through oral consumption at 6% but it is believed to range between 4% and 20%. To help you understand better; assuming you were to consume 100mg of omni CBD oil, at 20% bioavailability, it is assumed that only a paltry 20mg will in real sense make it to the bloodstream, with the rest 80% lost through the digestive process; this is a lot!

Sublingual administration

This method mainly involved placing CBD oil drops, lozenges or tinctures under the tongue and allowing it to get absorbed be the sublingual gland into the bloodstream. This is a relatively more direct method of administration with a faster impact than oral consumption and therefore guarantees higher bioavailability rate, ranging between 12% and 35%.

CBD Vaping

Vaping of CBD products for sale is increasingly becoming popular, especially among mature male adults. This is done through a vaporizer device or vape pen. With this method, the vapor is inhaled directly into the lungs and straight into the bloodstream at a faster rate. It is estimated that vaping has a higher bioavailability, ranging between 34% and 56%, depending on the CBD concentration in the vape.

Factors to consider when choosing CBD consumption method

There are various factors that come into play when choosing CBD products for sale, other than the bioavailability. You will definitely want to go for a product that you love consuming and not force it down your throat. While CBD oil drops may be administered sublingually for higher bioavailability rate, it might not be suitable for children due to the rather unpleasant taste of the oil. This means that edibles such as candies and gummies, despite their poor bioavailability. 

It is also paramount that you check the CBD concentration in the products you are purchasing; the lower its concentration, the lower the bioavailability. While it might cost you slightly more, at least you are guaranteed of better results and fast. Consuming omni CBD oil with a higher concentration of the chemical compound means getting the best results with low dosages. You therefore have to look at getting value for your money than going for the cheapest products with pretty low CBD strains in them.

The bottomline

Before you purchase CBD products for sale, you must think about the time it will take for you to get the expected relief. Some conditions such as pain and anxiety will definitely require faster relief and therefore you have to go for consumption methods with higher bioavailability rates such as vaping. However, if you are using CBD for your day to day wellbeing, then there is no harm in oral consumption, especially in a family setting despite the low rate of bioavailability.

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