Cannabis Industry and Education: the Dynamics

The cannabis industry is still new and is not the same as any other industry out there. According to statistics, the legal sale of marijuana in the US is expected to reach an estimated $47 billion by the year 2028. Many people have been drawn to the industry due to its potential but it may not be easy to get profits in this industry without the right knowledge. Although the 2018 Farm Bill legalized the production of CBD hemp oil and the meteoric growth of CBD oil products, most people do not have an idea of what it is and its associated health benefits.

The current growth in the cannabis industry

There has been a steady rise in the last few years of stocks in both cannabis and marijuana companies. Statistics have shown that the demand for marijuana is at $52.5 billion. Although the cannabis industry in the United States will see huge economic growth, the growth will be witnessed more across borders and overseas. There is an expectation that worldwide spending will surpass the $57 billion in the next ten years. The CBD hemp oil industry will see new jobs as projections show that by 2020, the jobs will have increased to 340000.

Cannabis in higher education

Importance of CBD education

In these days, it seems that you can take an online course and get certified in almost anything. Over the last few years, more and more cannabis programs and training companies have popped out across the US. These programs teach everything from cultivation of cannabis, how is CBD extracted, to its application and health benefits.  Online courses are offered in addition to in-person training courses that help people be able to break into the cannabis industry both as entrepreneurs or employees. Furthermore, those in the business are given knowledge on how to effectively build their existing cannabis business or further their carriers in the cannabis industry.


There is a course out there for you whether you want to open a CBD oil dispensary or you are looking to work for a CBD processor. Many of the courses will issue you with a certificate designating that you are certified in the specific course done. Unfortunately, these certifications may be subject to questions by many people as there are no specific set of standards for cannabis certification.

This has led to the provision of learning opportunities by institutes of higher education on CBD hemp oil and other cannabis-related courses. These institutes also offer training on the effects of cannabis and its associated business processes. A good example is Northern Michigan University that offers a degree in Medical Plant Chemistry.  The main focus of this course is the emerging cannabis industry and the herbal extract market.

Niagara College in Canada is another good example of cannabis in higher education. The college has a commercial cannabis production program which is also the first post-secondary CBD hemp oil program in the country. Niagara College has partnered with Canopy Growth Corporation in order to develop learning courses which are primarily based on experience. The programs offer different opportunities for college students and graduates. Some of these opportunities include internships and hands-on cultivation opportunities.

The courses offer a balance between biology and chemistry while those who are looking to have future careers in cannabis can go for cannabis entrepreneurship classes. In modern medical training, cannabis remains a sparse topic that has not been effectively taught in many institutions. The main goal of the training is to ensure the gap between medical cannabis and clinical care is reduced where medical professionals can have an in-depth understanding of cannabis and effectively integrate it into their own practices. The training entails the whole process from how is CBD extracted to how it can be used to treat several health issues.

Importance of CBD education

Learning about cannabis is important for those who want to join the industry and also for those who want to purchase some of their products and use them as a treatment for their health conditions. Education and research go hand in hand. One of the biggest arguments in favor of legalizing CBD hemp oil is the potential medical benefit associated with marijuana therapy. Active chemicals found in marijuana CBD (cannabinoids) are similar to some naturally occurring chemicals in the body. As such, the chemicals help to improve appetite, reduce pain, and improve memory.

This is one of the major breakthroughs in the use of cannabis to improve nausea, vomiting in cancer patients, chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and many other health conditions. This has led to a wide and expanding field of cannabis-based medical research, treatment, and therapy. A degree in healthcare may be the key to advancing opportunities in wellness through medical cannabis. This is vital for nurses, doctors, researchers, and healthcare facility administrators. The need for cannabis education is more important than ever as a huge number of people reach for the plant and its derivatives. Moreover, learning about CBD hemp oil can help you make better purchase decisions and stay safe.

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