Can CBD Oil Help to Treat Vertigo Symptoms

There are many health benefits associated with CBD Oil. That includes anxiety relief, pain relief, anti-acne, cancer treatment, etc. But a lesser-known benefit of CBD oil is for the treatment of vertigo.

Remember the time when you went out in the afternoon for some work, and suddenly your head starts spinning. You may also feel like vomiting and start sweating. Or you might have experienced the same situation while being on a rollercoaster ride or on a sky screamer. Or while climbing or air travelling. This condition is known as vertigo or nausea.

Let us first understand what vertigo is? What are its causes and symptoms? Later we will discuss how to cure vertigo using CBD oil.

Vertigo is a sudden internal or external spinning sensation, which is often triggered by moving your head too quickly.

There are various reasons behind vertigo. The most known reason is an inner ear problem. The other major causes associated with the vertigo are BPPV, Meniere's disease, and vestibular neuritis. We will understand each one in detail.

1) BPPV: BPPV stands for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. It is the most common cause of vertigo. It is triggered by specific changes in head position, such as tilting the head.

People can experience dizziness, a spinning sensation, lightheadedness, unsteadiness, loss of balance, and nausea. BPPV Treatment includes a series of head exercises that shift particles in the ears.

2) Meniere's disease: Meniere's disease is an inner ear disorder that causes vertigo experiences. In most of the case, Meniere's disease only affects the one ear in the beginning and later may affect both. It may also cause severe nausea and imbalance. CBD oil, CBD oil for sleep or Drugs for motion sickness or nausea may help manage the Meniere’s disease.

3) Vestibular neuritis: Vestibular neuritis is a condition that causes vertigo and dizziness. It results from inflammation of your vestibular nerve. The vestibular nerve in the ear conveys information to your brain about physical balance. When it's hurt, this information does not properly communicate, making you feel disoriented.

The other less known causes for the vertigo are:

  • Head or Neck injury
  • Brain conditions such as stroke or tumor
  • Side effects of certain medications that damage ear
  • Migraine

CBD helps in curing anxiety, insomnia, PMS, poor appetite, fighting cancer, etc. All these CBD oil benefits are good, but we need to fin whether the CBD can be helpful in the treatment of vertigo or not.

How CBD Oil Cure the Vertigo?

For those who want to go natural for the vertigo treatment, CBD oil is an excellent option, given its potential health benefits and minimum side effects. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural alternative for treating pain, inflammation, nausea, PMS and a variety of medical conditions, including epilepsy and vertigo.

The idea of treating vertigo using CBD might seem an unusual notion to many people because cannabinoids are usually considered as something more along the lines of fun or a carefree drug used to get stoned.

But, CBD oil is entirely different from regular marijuana. Marijuana contains THC which is the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis that gives the high sensation and feeling of being high.

On the other hand, CBD doesn't contain any such psychoactive component, unlike THC. And so it does not produce any high sensation or has any side effects.

Moreover, unlike THC, which reacts with CB1 receptors to produce the high, CBD primarily interacts only with the CB2 receptor and gradually stimulates them in order to allow the myriad of beneficial effects to take hold, but without creating any high feeling.

CBD oil produces diverse effects on the human body. It reduces the inflammation by conveying the body to diminish its inflammation response.

How to Use CBD Oil For Vertigo?

There are certain ways to consume the CBD oil for instant relief in vertigo. As vertigo always attacks suddenly and without any warning, the treatment also needs to be fast and effective.

One such way to use the CBD oil is to vape it. Vaping begins to show its effect quickly. But the downside of vaping is you have to carry the vaping tool always with you.

Another way is diuretics, which is often called water pills too. The tablets, along with a low-salt diet, have proven record in reducing the dizziness episodes.

CBD oil in such forms can easily be placed inside the mouth. The practice will give time for the active ingredients to be absorbed by the mouth capillaries before being swallowed.

Cannabidiol (CBD) has proven to be an effective treatment for nausea and vomiting related to severe cases of vertigo, while it also soothes anxiety and restores the mood.

How to Choose the Perfect CBD Products for Vertigo Treatment?

CBD oil, CBD oil for sleep, CBD tinctures, CBD oil for anxiety, CBD balm, and CBD massage oil are some of the CBD products that are designed for the sublingual way of use- the ideal way for vertigo treatment.

However, careful consideration must be done before choosing the best CBD oil for vertigo treatment.

Keep the following factors in mind to ensure the safety and reliability while buying CBD products:

  1. Research about the legal provision applicable for CBD in the region from where you buy the CBD products and consume them.
  2. Purchase the CBD oil only from genuine and reputable brands. We highly recommend John's CBD for buying the wholesome CBD products for vertigo treatment. The CBD products include CBD oil for sleep, CBD oil for anxiety, CBD balm, and CBD massage oil.
  3. Before purchasing CBD products such as CBD oil for sleep or CBD oil for anxiety from any online store, do some product analysis. Also, validate the necessary permission.
  4. Verify the claims made by the company about their products' potency with the third-party lab reports.
  5. Consult with a trusted medical professional before purchasing CBD products.

Conclusion: Although we do know that CBD oil helps in reducing vertigo, medical science is yet not sure about the effectiveness of the CBD oil in curing vertigo.
The only thing we have is the personal testimony of patients who uses CBD oil for vertigo treatment. That’s why it is recommended you use the CBD oil for vertigo treatment only after the consultation with the Doctors.

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