Breathing with a whistling sound? Cbd for asthma could be the remedy of the decade

Asthma is such a "breath-taking" experience, quite literally! It takes away our breath like a rabid dog who is on a bone mission. As soon as he finds one, the snarling guy with his long-dangerous bare teeth and Niagara fall-like saliva-dripping … attacks!

I've been a part of this global asthmatic population myself, where my only contribution is nothing other than being a humble patient. It's been quite a journey being one. Often do I have to go through asthma attacks that last for a few minutes until the eyes discover my carelessly-misplaced inhaler.

Many people ask me, how does it feel to be asthmatic? Well, quite contrary to what you think! Amazing! It feels amazing :/

Have you not seen those early-morning brush-basins clogging up whilst you gargle your last night's eatery sins? It happens because the pipe refuses to comply! Your hair, waste, and big naphthalene balls: they don't let the water run through the pipe. How do you feel after that? Scratching your head already? That's how it feels to be asthmatic.

Something similar happens with the airway pipes. They are clogged so much that breathing becomes a task. Even oxygen finds it hard to get in and escape, you see! You must be wondering what on earth clogs my breathing pipes? If only I knew the reasons. But some experts say it's inflammation.

Felt those swollen red skins when you're injured? That's inflammation. And no, they're not bad. I know they hurt, but that's just an immune response from the body. What!!! The immune response? But they hurt so bad. Don't they? Well, they do. But inflammations are mostly a way to respond to irritants and allergens.

Some lungs are hypersensitive to allergens and irritants. And that causes asthma.

Like all people are not the same, some are ruthless and some hypersensitive. Similarly, not all lungs have similar characteristics. Mine is very hypersensitive though I may be a ruthless-rational mind within my group!

Hypersensitive lungs tighten the chest, put pressure and pain in the respiratory system, and leads to asthmatic attacks. Severe asthma gets more dangerous. As if inflammation were not enough, they force mucus in the airways, thereby narrowing down the pipes. Result? You run for your life without pants up searching up the inhaler.

The inflammatory respiratory disorder could be as minor to not interfere with your daily lives at all to extremely-major as to impede with your existence. *crickets chirping* You know what I mean by that.

Keeping that in a note, I had to make sure my asthma never gets out of control

A girl struggling with Asthma

I had this gargantuan task of controlling my asthma. I couldn't play my favorite tennis matches, had difficulty sleeping a not-so-disruptive slumber, and of course, sucked making love to the love of my life.

You know how hard it's to live a dull and unsatisfied life. Every now and then, I had to hold myself back so that the idiot me could avoid going through another asthma episode. I messed up my anniversary romance because I didn't want to skip my breath. That obviously didn't go well with my spouse.

Years of inhaler and medicines couldn't resolve the issue from the root. I needed to cling to something fresh, something compelling, naturally. And that's when I discovered the tidbits of organic full spectrum cbd oil. Despite short usage, organic oil has been so useful in oiling my lungs and chest region. The wheezes and the rattling sound in the chest seem to have shrunk, if not disappeared.

Symptoms of Asthma

  • Wheezing
  • Breathlessness
  • Chest tightening
  • Fatigue
  • Chronic cough and mucus-ladened chest
  • Waking up tired

Signs of Emergency During an Asthma Attack

  • Regular episodes of breathlessness
  • Finding it hard to speak
  • Heavy gasping
  • Extreme shortness of breath
  • No chest sounds at all
  • Inhaler seems like a useless device
  • Lips turn blue

Maxing out the benefits of thc free cbd oil

hemp oil on hemp leaf

You must be thinking what changed after taking cbd oil? I'd say my breathing! No, no! It's not a natural inhaler or air cylinder that supplies loads of oxygen to your system. Cbd is a therapeutic son of hemp herbs. Remember days when you dragged weed pipes with your friends in the hostel and campuses? Yeah, yeah! You looked like the famous Hitchcock's everyman cast James Stewart! But how incredible were the highs?

Hemp is a sister sibling of this very high-giving marijuana that you tonked in colleges. Cbd is a phytocannabinoid in the herb that might answer frantic researchers working on effective asthma treatment. Don't worry! They're absolutely safe. It's the reason why they're allowed in the United States of America.

When a fellow-neighbor suggested to me, I wondered if cbd and asthma had any connections. I didn't believe in pseudoscience either, for it only aviated talks rather than actions.

But sooner I realised, cbd was a part of scientific research, and it had shown benefits in its own limits. Though we need a human-controlled study, there has been positive link development between cbd oil and asthma.

So I was taking it for two straight months without any weekend holidays. Initially, thc free cbd oil didn't react the way I would have wanted it to, or the way it was advocated by my neighbor. Sure did I think she was a paid-stooge.

But dear, oh, dear! I continued with the prescription under my medical advisor. And guess what, I felt four major changes with my body. I'd instead call them the major benefits of cbd. And I had a hell of a period.

I was playing, I was sleeping, and I was mating, all enthusiastically without thinking about the underlying problems of asthma. Fret not! I'd take on these changes and share them with you. So here they are:

Benefit #1 Reduces inflammation in the throat

Uhh! While I type this, I feel strep-throat. Though I had minor asthma, I always complained regarding throat tightness and hoarseness. I mean... it was still more difficult to get air inside than displacing it out.

The vocal cord would go dysfunctional whenever they wanted! These radical 'mah pipe, mah rules' cords were the main reason why I would get regular episodes of asthma. And they often play worse at night.

When I was done with the strep throat, I started adding organic full spectrum cbd oil in my dinner recipes. Full-spectrum cbd oil has all the elements of elixir herb, including the naughty thc. These oils make the perfect combination of cbd oils as they have flavonoids and tinctures too.

They're like collective forces. You remove one, and all the potency level cuts down. But keeping them together is what makes cbd oil the real asthma healer. As far as my non-scientific mind is concerned, I have tried on understanding how it works.

So our bodies have proinflammatory cells. Scientists call it cytokines. But I type it wrong every time. For the sake of easy writing, let's call it C. So these C's are juggernaut cells that amplify inflammation and affect the cellular pathways.

But cbd knows its game. It knows what it takes to control these C's from going absolute bonkers. And within a week, I felt my throat was more precise; I was breathing in more air than the usual. And this ' mah pipe, mah rules' cords were shown their places.

Benefit #2 Relaxes tight muscles in the chest

One of the biggest problems with asthmatics is their chests tighten-up! No, not the way you'd have wanted like your favorite WWE superstar. I'm talking about something which feels tighter inside the chest and not outside.

My chest tightened-up every time my office and residential lift took ages to come back. I don't know why but never did I see elevators and my timings match. Jokes apart! Every time I took the staircases in a quick run, the chest would feel hysterical as if a soul is caged inside and wants to get out of the body. That said, the attack was getting unbearable.

Fortunately, cbd oils made me learn how to get past these episodes of the tight-muscular chest. Did you know our bodies have inflammatory messengers? These guys send the signals to the brain and ask it to cause inflammation.

Not that they're bad. But they're painful. And when they're inflaming your chest, you know you're not a gladiator but a to-be-suffering-patient who might have a hard time doing usual routines, let alone the battle.

Cbd oils numb these messengers in a sense they fail to reach the brain. So any messenger lingering in branches and pipes of lungs fail to send any proinflammatory signal to the brain.

So cutting down the interaction between the brain and messengers makes cbd oil an excellent bronchodilator. As the name suggests, preventing inflammation = dilated pipes = more passage for airways.

Benefit #3 Reduces common side-effects of asthma

No price for guessing, asthma got me whenever I hit the bed. I mean... as if asthma was not enough, insomnia was hitting my eyes. And as the causal chain worked, it kept adding to my anxiety too!

So at the same point in time, I had asthma, anxiety, and insomnia! Last time I had anything of such ordeal was triple blast cake. These comorbid diseases were eating my health. But what could have I done? Yeah, yeah! What could have I done differently? Well, again, my not-so-guilty-pleasure: cbd oil!

As my chest felt lighter and cords felt home with cbd oil, I immediately felt as if I was comfortable in my boots. My anxiety had dropped, and I could sleep like a gulliver who wouldn't wake up with even lilliputian's trumpets. That's a bit of exaggeration, but I know you'd get the gist.

Studies show that cbd stops your train of thoughts, relaxes your night, and induces sleep. Melatonin is the key ingredient that you need for sleep. As cbd led to better breathing, the hormonal changes led to melatonin secretion, a chemical necessary for sleep.

So cbd oil took care of asthma. That took care of anxiety. And that helped beat insomnia. Love the cascading effect? So do I.

Benefit #4 Make it challenging for immune cells to attack other cells

As I said, inflammation is an immune response. Like sweating, immune cells try to attack allergens and outsiders. But these immune cells often end up as right-wing extremists. They are not good hosts, and while destroying outsiders, they also attack the critical cells in our bodies.

Result? Death of essential cells. Inflammation. And lots and lots of asthmatic symptoms. It's called an autoimmune problem. When your immune cells start destroying your body, it's an autoimmune issue.

Again, I am grateful to cbd oil for being around. Studies show that it has a bit of immuno-suppressive traits. Think of cbd molecules as elder siblings to these immune cells.

When these immune cells lose their heads, proving their mettle against foreign invaders, cbd takes charge and controls these over-enthusiastic immune cells. The elder sibling stops immune cells from getting all hell loose.

In case you didn't know, here's how to max out cbd for asthma.

  • Asthma is not an ignorable problem. Do you get that? Great! So if you're planning to switch to alternative medicines like cbd oil, you'd first want to acknowledge it, then let your doctor know about it. Don't be a lazy bum! Two-bit advice from an expert on asthma will be much better than days of endless scrolling and searching on Google.
  • Has your asthma turned very severe? How difficult is it getting for you to catch the breath cycle? If things are getting out of your hands literally, please consult the experts. I know you'd want to stick to cbd, but it's not a permanent cure—just a temporary-relieving agent.
  • The biggest irony of using cbd for treating allergies is that some people are allergic to cbd itself. Its taste and smell might not suit your senses. So start with the recommended dose. If cbd is kind towards you and your body, increase it gradually! And if it isn't, you know what to do.
  • Cbd is one of the important crutches for dealing with asthma, not the 'only' crutch. Your lifestyle, diet, exercises, everything play some role in giving cumulative effect on your asthma. So don't drop other forms of treatment because they all work together for the greater good.
  • Truth be told. If you're an adolescent, which I'm assuming you're not, but if you're; please don't take cbd without doctor's consultation. Same with kids at your place. Any asthmatic kid should be first shown to the doctor. Deal done? Great! We don't want to be risking our children.
  • Andddd! It has to be the most crucial tip for cbd. Vaping is the best and worst form of administration, especially when you have asthma. Best because it's the maximum available with this route. And worst for all the obvious reasons. It's hard on your already weary lungs. Who has smoking done well in this world ever? Cbd oil and edibles should be good starts.

The recommended dose of cbd for asthma

For the hate of permutation and combinations came haunting into my life through cbd dose that I had to select asthma. I hated PnC in high schools because they were darn boring! Never could have I understood the real application of it until cbd happened.

There's no fixed dose for cbd. It's all hit and trial like permutation and combination. What works for you works for you. What works for others might not work for you. As easy as it gets. It's because everyone responds differently to organic full spectrum cbd oil. If you peep around your neighbor, they might be having medium or high dosage. But trust me, you don't have to keep up with your joneses. It's not a show-off competition.

Start with a smaller dose, see to it if it's not building an allergy that aggravates your asthma condition. For the hypersensitive allergic lads, apply the cbd oil in the back of your palm and check how it reacts with your body for at least an hour. If nothing changes, start with a low-dose.

So, let's sum up whatever you learned.

  • You learned... that cbd inhibits inflammatory response in both allergic and non-allergic asthma.
  • You learned... that cbd controls immune cells from slipping into the airway passage and prevents it from causing inflammation.
  • You learned... that cbd and asthma have an inverse association. As cbd gets hold of chest and muscle tightening, the symptoms of asthma reduce over time.
  • You learned... that cbd also treats the comorbid conditions such as insomnia and anxiety linked with asthma.

So what are you doing to control your asthma? Let's know your asthma experience and what sort of tactics you apply to deal with it. John's cbd is committed to helping our readers & customers with quality cbd products.

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