At Last...Texians To Enjoy Legalized Medical CBD— 8 Things To Know About The Move

Hey! Did the House Bill 1325 draw a curve on your face? And the heart-shaped eyes among y'all fellow-Texians? Grab some beer and celebrate! Now you can legally sell and use CBD in the Lone Star State— and no one will catch you for being you.

Let's take a moment to thank Governor Greg Abbott, who dared to challenge the stigma hovering around the plant and finally 'CBDizing' the town. He inked fresh laws for giving legal status to hemp-derived products like CBD oil.

Yes, now you can cook your favorite CBD recipe on the roadside, eat cute gummies in the park, chomp CBD candies nearby the enforcing police, and have personalized CBD stores in Texas— all without fear!

Now that you can produce and sell hemp-based derivatives— the demand for CBD products in Texas has touched the skies.

Since the laws are new on-board— we want to dispel all the confusion encircling the legality and use of CBD among Texas readers. Here's the list of things you should know:

#1 What does your federal government think about the law?

You wouldn't like the blotted history of Hemp — the primary source of CBD oil— if you are a CBD lover. Hemp was imported to the US from Europe in the early days.

It did very well in creating clothes, ropes, and building materials until the boneheaded-authorities demonized it linking with a psychoactive close sibling— marijuana.

They banned it for a good seven-eight decades period and criminalized its use. Unfortunately for hemp-opponents— before they could celebrate platinum jubilee— the US senate revised Farm Bill 2018, stamped by President Donald Trump!

The revised version of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 scraps-off the criminalized status and pulls out Hemp from the controlled substance category. The bill made hemp products legal pan-America.

#2 What are the conditions attached to the bill?

Although the bill allows you to consume & sell CBD oil in Texas, legal cultivation is restricted to industrial hemp strains.

The legal industrial hemp strain has low-level THC and doesn't permit the psychoactive ingredient over 0.3 percent.

If you happen to have a strain with more than the set THC threshold— it'll be considered illegal at the federal level. Unfortunately, Texas state-laws haven't legalized recreational marijuana— so, you'll be held guilty of possession.

It means you can consume Hemp but not marijuana with high THC level content for recreational rides. Some states have legalized marijuana for recreational use.

#3 Yes, CBD oil is finally legal in Texas!

Despite the Farm Bill 2018, many states banned CBD. Even Texas couldn't bring concrete laws regarding CBD use and sales.

But Gov. Greg Abbott brought a solidity in the law by legalizing hemp production in Texas. The best part about the bill is that you can have CBD oil without needing assistance and prescription by the doctor if it satisfies the low-THC content.

So, you can shop and use CBD oils in Texas for alleviating stress, pain, and depression. The House Bill 1325 capitalizes on the Farm bill 2018 to create an efficient ecosystem around hemp-based CBD.

#4 Legislation uniquely tailored for epileptic patients

You may ask what about the patients who need more than 0.3% of THC for pain and epilepsy reliever? Earlier before 1973, any amount of cannabis content could have pushed you to jail for a good two years.

But the 1973 law decriminalized possession of more CBD oil with THC, and the status was converted from felony to minor wrongdoing with a fine.

If you happen to have more cannabis than the THC threshold in Texas— you'll be charged with a misdemeanor.

However, the governor customized the legislation for epileptic patients who need more THC for seizure-relief. The Texas Compassionate Use Act permits epilepsy patients to possess 0.5 THC as the act of compassion.

#5 Measuring THC content is still dicey

Although the bill empowers you to have CBD— it also prohibits marijuana use. Despite that— the law is quite vague and has no explicit instruction on THC drug testing.

First of all— the state defines Hemp as "cannabis with 0.3 THC." Please note the word 'cannabis.' There's no clear definition between Hemp and cannabis when they distinctly have different properties at the microscopic level.

Secondly— they smell, look, and taste very similar. So, any enforcement police can label your Hemp as cannabis— and charge you of misdoing.

With improper equipment and measuring guidelines— you might have to spend a rough time explaining your Hemp has low THC level, and it's not even cannabis. So, stay cautious even if the government legalizes CBD.

Some loopholes are deliberately left to get you in the loop!

#6 CBD oils. Ticked! CBD tinctures?

CBD oil and CBD tinctures— both enjoy the same status in Texas— legal if extracted from hemp plants and have low THC content.

Although CBD oils and tinctures are used interchangeably, you need to know the valid differences between them to make a wise purchase and legal decisions.

The primary difference between the two is the process of extraction. And that allows CBD tinctures to behave as CBD oil, but not all CBD oil acts as CBD tinctures.

The primary difference between the two is the process of extraction. And that allows CBD tinctures to behave as CBD oil, but not all CBD oil acts as CBD tinctures.

While both have similar medicinal and therapeutic values— they mainly differ in the extraction process.

#7 Is CBD oil legal for everyone?

Technically, CBD with 0.3% THC is legal for everyone, including kids, teens, adults, and senior citizens in Texas. So, anyone can have it.

However, stay a bit cautious while handing them out to kids and teens. Usually, during the adolescent age— the brains are under the developing stage.

THC abuse can have a negative implication on the brains of kids and may reverse their brain chemistry. Be calculative with pregnant women too! Microdosing THC might not go well with the kid in the womb.

Again, there's no doubt about the state bill's sacrosanctity. It has legalized CBD— but not everything is love and rainbows about CBD legalization.

In the thirst for therapeutic benefits, you might harm yourself with CBD vaping products. The recent anecdotes have been putting vaping e-cigarettes in a negative shade, and legality calls for your responsibility towards you and your family.

#8 Can anyone buy CBD oil in Texas?

As mentioned— there's no age limit for consuming CBD products in Texas. Everyone in your family— irrespective of their age— can have the hemp-based lovey-dovey.

However, you can't acquire or buy CBD oil from CBD stores in Texas if you are under 18.

You'll have to accompany a legal adult guardian or parents for medical relief.

The final words to the Lone Stars!

There you have all the information regarding CBD in Texas. Remember! It would be best if you had legal strains. Try following the laws. Don't try melding it because you've got a little liberty. Moving slowly and steadily might even earn you recreational marijuana in a short time.

So, abide by the law and enjoy new legislation fully.


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