A Complete Guide to Most CBG & Comparative Analysis of CBG v/s CBD

What if you loved an ice-cream that you didn't know already? Or a soft toy that you never played with? Well, not sure if that's a possible reality, but you sure love a cannabinoid that you didn't know existed.

We're talking about CBG— cannabigerol— the infant sibling of CBD.

CBD and THC, you already know about these famous sibling components in cannabis plants, they're all over the news, in dispensaries, the online stores, and probably your kitchen & room shelves.

But we're cannabis lovers. Aren't we? Every molecule in the plant is as precious as gold dust. CBG is one such cannabis gold dust that you'd like to have it complemented with your CBD bottles.

There have been recent studies that explore the potential benefits of this young cannabis daughter. But insufficient data is causing a bit of tentative speculation in the market. Fret not! We'll celebrate our new introduction, CBG hemp flower, in our store and educate you regarding the same.

CBG is the precursor to many cannabinoids. So, it's not the sibling but the daddy.

Cannabigerol is important. Because its acidic form CBG-A is a precursor to our favorite components such as CBD and THC, but that's not it. CBGA also splits into other ingredients such as CBG and CBC. The CBG that comes out of the acidic CBG is non-toxic, pretty much like our therapeutic-dear, cannabidiol.

The research on CBG is sparse, but the results are worth the study.

CBG is a far-less common trace than CBD, which means, you'll have a very limited CBG at your disposal; however, sparse studies on it show how promising it can get when you don't have CBD to cover your ailment.

Think of this way: you don't have enough CBD products in the market to have a pain-relieving formula. And you're not an allopathic person either. What do you do? You can't turn to THC either as you aren't trying to get high!

But CBG oil extracted from CBG flowers have a few common medicinal properties, that also include anti-inflammatory properties. While the studies on CBG are limited, the existing ones do hint at a lot of potential.

What's better? CBD or CBG?

It's unfair to have clear words on what's more effective when we don't have sufficient data to support our claims. We need human-controlled clinical studies to declare the winner.

So far now, both have therapeutic benefits. Both are non-psychoactive, which means you can't get high with them. And most important of all— both bind the same receptors.

The only difference that boils down between the two is that CBD has been advanced researched and CBG has a lot to reveal yet.

Some research suggests CBG>> CBD especially in the way it interacts with our body.

Although both of them interact with the endocannabinoid system by binding to the same receptors, CBD's interaction is milder and not as bold as CBG. Cannabigerol has a more direct sort-of engagement with CB1 and CB2 receptors— the stations that are triggered by the interaction.

As a result,— your system has effects that feel more direct and potent. Direct interaction doesn't necessarily mean a euphoric trip or getting high— no, CBG doesn't behave like the naughty TCH.

In fact, CBG hemp flowers are cultivated and calibrated in such a way that each dose or buds ensure your safety from toxicants. You can get yourself CBG flowers for sale and pull them as hard as you can to have healthy-potent rides, not the THC guilt-trips.

Why should you have CBG when CBD has already made up the market? Legit question.

Ten marks for the question! Why should you have cannabigerol when cannabidiol is enough to take care of your ailments? To let you know, CBD is not a magical potion. It does have multitudinous benefits, but blending it with CBG flowers in your diet supplement gets you cruising through diseases that often get neglected with CBD.

As we stated, the research on CBG's efficacy is in its infant stage but doesn't imply that we don't have any conclusion on it. The anecdotes so far suggest that CBG may indeed help in resolving conditions that CBD fails to address.

Here's a quick browse through some of the conditions that CBG may improve: Inflammatory bowel diseases, glaucoma, bladder dysfunctions, bacterial infections, Huntington's disease, appetite loss, and cancer.

CBG plays a big part in the entourage effect— an excellent combination with CBD.

If THC is an 'on' switch, CBD and CBG are the off switches! Have you been sailing off through intense paranoia and anxiousness, thanks to your smokey THC sessions? Expect CBG to have them muted. CBG and CBD collaborate to present an even stronger case.

Yes, every component of cannabis sativa has some role to play individually, but they clutter together other than THC to immediately return your consciousness. It's called the entourage effect.

Think of it as a tug of war. While THC pulls you out of your conscious zone, all the components in the herb including CBD and CBG act synergistically to undo or modulate the psychoactive impairing caused by THC. THC is dominant, and you can have it muted if you've pulled it in more than you could tolerate.

The non-psychotropic properties of CBG don't warranty unlimited consumption.

You may feel tempted to have non-psychotropic CBG as much you want, but akin to any other cannabinoid— doing so would not do any good to you, though it won't harm horrendously either.

But it would be best if you considered essential factors when you're calculating your dose of CBG. Let a trained professional calculate your dose as he may find several aspects like BMI, contraindications, and tolerance level.

Since it's not too dangerous to over-consume CBG, you can add or subtract a little tweak in your dose form. Studies haven't discovered any notable side-effects. The best you could start with is 1/8th of a tablespoon and see how it behaves with your body. Again, the drug may not behave the same with everyone. What it does to your body may not do to your cousins.

For a matter of fact, CBD strains have higher CBG content than THC cannabis strain. This way, you can have CBG safely with CBD without having to worry about euphoria or if it's a big 'no-no.'

Final thoughts with John's CBD

CBG is what CBD was five years ago. Both siblings have come good at the right time when people are eyeing for organic medications. You can expect CBG not to get off the house party slamming the door. In fact, it's to stay as scientists, and medical experts dive deep into the research.

John's CBD has added CBG for sale to help spread the idea of another underrated organic-genius of cannabis plants. We own the backyard, big enough to fulfil your organic CBG and CBD requirements. For any CBG or hemp-related queries, reach us at our given handle and prettify your canna-racks.

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