5 Tips for Cooking with CBD Oil

There are various ways through which CBD can be used since there are equally numerous varieties. Those who need instant relief from pain or anxiety can take tinctures by placing them under the tongues. In case you are battling muscle pains or skin-related problems, you can apply CBD creams or lotions that fall under the category of CBD products known as topicals. You may even vape CBD for fast relief or even swallow CBD-infused pills.

Why are edibles popular? 

Despite the many methods of administering CBD, one of the most common methods is oral. CBD edibles are the most common currently because they are formulated to suit various tastes and preferences of different users. There are many ready-to-consume products in the market that one can easily purchase and enjoy, ranging from candies, gummies, cakes, and even coffee. However, some people prefer cooking with CBD oil. Generally, this is the most cost-effective way of acquiring and using CBD in the best way possible. 


People prefer taking what they like most. However, the most fulfilling way to explore all the available benefits of CBD products is actually to try it out in the kitchen. This can be a challenge in the beginning because CBD is a relatively new discovery. However, anyone can infuse CBD into any meal prepared at home. You can make any type of food with CBD; bake cakes, brew coffee, mix it with your favorite drink or even mix it with honey and take it directly from the spoon. What is important is that you find the most ideal method of consuming CBD without having to worry about its earthly flavor or taste. 

Cooking vs. ready products

There is no doubt that the best way to find and use CBD is to head straight to an authorized store or website and place your order of a finished product. This can sound like a great idea for those who need to use these products instantly, say, to relieve pain or anxiety. However, it can be a bit costly compared to cooking with CBD oil which is relatively cheaper. The main advantage of finished products like CBD pills is that everything has been formulated to guarantee users the most ideal dosage. Even with that in mind, and with the right guidance, you can still get the most accurate dosage for your home-made meals. Here are a few steps to get you started like a pro. 

  • Research

Since you are wading through unfamiliar territories, you must try to understand your way around. The internet is packed with a lot of information about CBD. The assumption is that you already know the benefits of CBD oil. Visit various websites, both cooking and CBD sites for CBD recipes. The choice of the receipt will depend on what you actually intend to prepare at home with the CBD oil. Assuming you want to make, say cakes, you need to compare at least three recipes before going with one or deciding to combine them for the best results. Don’t be in a rush; take your time and visit as many websites as possible for rich information.

  • Ask a friend or family

If you cannot find sufficient information from websites on cooking with CBD, the best other option is to ask around from friends who have cooked with CBD. Millions of people have confessed to incorporating CBD into their daily meals. Note that CBD is not just used to treat or manage medical conditions. It is one of the leading natural supplements that you can include in your meal regimes. It is also good for the entire family so long as it is THC-free to avoid cases of psychoactivity. It is, therefore, possible that one of your friends or relatives has some nice CBD recipes that you can use to make amazing CBD products. Ask around and get help. 

  • Get the ingredients

Getting ingredients of the right quality is one of the most crucial steps in cooking with CBD oil. Getting the right CBD oil might sound like an easy task considering the many advertisements pop up whenever you dial the keywords on search engines. However, this is far from the truth. The reality is that most CBD products are substandard as they may contain impurities or have low CBD content. You should, therefore, assemble your ingredients from companies that are reputable. Also, pay attention to the THC content; ideally, for family use, go for hemp-extracted CBD oil, whose THC content is about 0.3%. 

  • Start with the easiest recipe

Don’t take the plunge into the deep waters in the initial stages of cooking with CBD. Coffee or tea should be the most ideal because all you need are a few drops of CBD oil into the cup, add some sweetener, ideally honey and you are ready to have your first cup of CBD-infused coffee, proudly brewed by yourself. Taking complex challenges such as baking cakes or cookies even with the best recipes is likely to backfire on the first attempt. However, if you are good at the oven, then you can start with small quantities of these products before investing more ingredients into making larger portions. 

  • Ensure accurate dosage

One of the main challenges most people who have tried out CBD recipes have to do with the dosage. How much CBD is good for your body. This is a tricky question because different people respond to CBD differently. While you should adhere to whatever is indicated on the recipe, you are encouraged to pace the consumption and assess the effects. Note that cases of overdosing on CBD are rare. However, using too much of it can be counterproductive and wasteful. Just use as much as you necessarily need. 

Extra tip

You can boost the quality of your cooking with CBD oil by using some fat or grease into the mix. This is because of the great binding effect that cannabinoids have with oil and fat-based ingredients. This helps explore all the potential of CBD. Finally, ensure that you control the heat because overheating can result in CBD evaporating. It is recommended that you don’t exceed 356 degrees F. With the above tips, you can become a champion of cooking with CBD


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