5 Modern Day Health And Wellness Trends To Embrace In 2019

Health and wellness is a global phenomenon. Everyone wants to remain healthy by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and proper diet. In a world where 30% of the population is either obese or overweight, there a lot of emphasis on the need to watch weight by eating right and exercising. In 2019, there is no doubt that most people will be focusing on remaining in good shape, which is the perfect solution to keeping some medical complication at bay for a very long time. From CBD hemp oil products to using plant-based natural supplements, the following are the five major health and wellness trends you need to know.

1). Shift to plant-based organic foods

We are no longer living in an era where the focus is just on plant-based food, but also organic food items are becoming popular. It is estimated that plant-based fish will keep growing moving into the future as the world tries to protect fight overfishing in the lakes, rivers and oceans. That is why you will find growing demand for omni oil and other plant-based foods. There is a huge demand for organic food because of the known side effects of inorganic fertilizer and chemicals used to keep pests and plant diseases at bay. Some hotels and eateries already serve meals prepared from 100% organic sources.

2). CBD Oil

This should actually been on the top considering its numerous therapeutic benefits. It has been scientifically proven that CBD oil for anxiety truly works, with many users testifying on its magical effects. With medical researchers working round the clock to ensure that this sector grows, demand for CBD-infused products has been on the rise over the years. What should be expected in 2019 and beyond is seeing manufacturers investing in newer products to meet the surging demands. It is also expected that countries that are yet to fully legalize the use of CBD will expedite legislations to regulate the sector. This is a multi-billion industry that is currently ranked among the best natural supplements in the world. Families will incorporate CBD hemp oil in their daily meal routines for sure.

3). Emphasis on sleep

Lack of sufficient sleep has been attributed to a wide range of medical conditions and complications. Unfortunately, most professionals work long shift hours and even have to juggle two or more jobs to pay their bills, students study long hours to sail through examinations and others may just be too stressed to sleep. It is however important to clearly understand the circadian rhythm and how cortisol and melatonin affects everyone’s sleeping patterns. Even though it is believed that CBD oil for anxiety can help one relax and sleep like a baby, there are many other factors that can still come between you and your sleep. Sleeping is not a sign of laziness but a normal activity that has to be embraced for the overall wellbeing.

4). Mental Health Awareness

The overall health of the body and mind is key. A person who is mentally sound is more likely to make sound decisions on matters affecting his body’s health and wellbeing. Mental health related complications is a major cause of disability worldwide, reason why it should be taken seriously. Mental disorders may vary from stress and depression to extreme cases bordering suicidal thoughts. In as much as CBD hemp oil and antidepressants can help calm your nerves, it is important that you clear your mind from distractions, think straight and make right decisions. 

5). Body positivity

As more people hit the gym to shed off extra calories, there is a group that really doesn’t need to lose that much weight but to remain positive and comfortable in their skins. You may have the perfect diet, embrace natural supplements such as omni oil and CBD and even buy gym membership, but unless you see your body positively, all these will be futile.

Health and wellness is key for not just attaining healthy bodies, but also living positively and realizing your dreams. With better body and mental health comes enhanced productivity in everything that you undertake.

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