3 Most-Talked-About Myths That Revolve Around CBD Oil

Cannabidiol or CBD has been in the media for its plenty of benefits over some of the significant health conditions including chronic pain, anxiety, cancer, epilepsy and many more. Earlier, due to the restricted knowledge about the cannabis plant, many people did not prefer using cannabis-derived products thinking that it would make them high. Not just this, many other myths revolved around CBD hemp oil back then. The main aim of writing this blog is to shed some light on the myths and concern people have about CBD and hemp products. Let’s dive into it …

CBD Hemp Oil Is Extracted From Cannabis Indica Plant

It is quite apparent to misinterpret CBD hemp oil to be a cannabis indica extract, due to the similarity in the names. The primary motive for most individuals looking for CBD products is that it shouldn’t have any traces of THC that causes mind-altering effects. Due to this very reason, they opt for pure hemp oil as it delivers similar wellness qualities with no THC because it is extracted from industrial hemp. Whereas, users looking for products that may contain small traces of THC usually opt for CBD oil derived from cannabis indica plant. Industrial hemp is cultivated for not having any trace amounts of THC which becomes suitable for users who do not wish to experience even the slightest high that can be resulted from the THC in the products.

CBD Hemp Oil Is Psychoactive

Due to ignorance and lack of correct information among the general public, all hemp products were believed to have something to do with illicit drugs. Gradually, with the increase in consumer awareness and the civility of the market, the laissez-faire era of drawing the customers with promises is now, fortunately, coming down. CBD hemp oils are manufactured using industrial hemp plants that have no more than 0.3 percent of THC in the form of dried mass. This is a threshold value decided by the law and having this low content of THC wouldn’t trigger any potential psychoactive effect in the users. Just like other cannabinoids, CBD also does not produce any psychoactive effects on the users. However, if you feel any unusual effect, then you wouldn’t be taking the right dose or the product wouldn’t be of the finest quality.

The More You Take, The Better You Feel

This myth has been believed by a maximum number of users who have just started with their CBD supplements without acquiring proper knowledge about the product they’re putting it in their system. Honestly, there are no potential side effects of CBD supplements, but it is said that  “Anything in excess doesn’t always work in your favor.” Messing up with your doses is the last thing you want to do with CBD hemp oil. The truth is, you need to start with the lowest possible dose, and then gradually work your way up till you find the dose that brings out the most anticipated benefits of CBD oil.

Thus, the only way to ensure yourself that you’re using the right CBD supplement, you should keep yourself updated with the latest news revolving around CBD hemp oil, or you could even talk about it with your Doctor too.

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