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CBD can really help you quit smoking

By Entheonation | 0  If this sound outrageous, read on to discover how this can be true… First, I am not suggesting that you should start smoking “pot” to quit tobacco. CBD is a specific substance from cannabis which is responsible for giving you all the positive health benefits of consuming cannabis but without the mind-altering effects of THC, the other substance in cannabis which gets you “high”. Second, smoking, in general, is bad for you not because tobacco is toxic but because our lungs are not made to deal with smoking. When a cigarette is burned, the temperature at which the smoke is released makes it very hot for it to be absorbed by our lungs, resulting in a stressful situation for these vital...

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Yoga and CBD help you Reduce Stress

SALLY PERKINS If you suffer from stress or related conditions such as anxiety and depression, you certainly aren’t alone. These are two of the most common illnesses in the world, but fear not; there are many natural ways you ease your stress. Spending more time in nature, yoga and CBD products all harness the power of nature to heal and balance our bodies. In this post, we highlight the many ways that Mother Nature can help us lead a calmer, more balanced life. Seated in lotus position at sunset, a woman cups her hands over her heads. Yoga and CBD, like other forms of self-care, can ease stress and anxiety. THE POWERFUL EFFECTS OF YOGA Over the past decade, numerous studies have revealed...

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Medical Cannabis for Seizures

A cutting edge paper from three physicians—Dustin Sulak, Russel Saneto, and Bonni Goldstein—outlines case reports and the applications of cannabis medicine for epilepsy and seizure disorders.   By Project CBD on February 28, 2017 Three physicians present promising data on artisanal cannabis and epilepsy   Cannabis clinicians treating epileptic patients in three medical marijuana states—California, Washington and Maine—have reported their findings in a peer-reviewed article that underscores the complex challenges and unique therapeutic potential of cannabis oil concentrates. In this uncontrolled observational study involving 272 patients, some degree of seizure reduction was noted in 86 percent of cases. Ten percent (26 patients) experienced complete seizure remission.   In addition to documenting the efficacy of “artisanal” (meaning not FDA-approved) cannabis preparations for...

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CBD Oil for Pain Relief

CBD Oil for Pain Relief     It’s not easy living with pain. Whether you suffer from muscle spasms, chronic pain or arthritis finding a solution to help deal with that pain can mean the difference between a pleasant day where you can function to a nightmare of a day, just waiting to end.   Over the last couple of years, CBD oil has become a popular form of treatment for pain management. It is currently thought to be so effective, that more and more doctors are recommending it instead of traditional pain killers. The major advantage of CBD oil compared to cannabis is that it doesn’t cause the “high” feeling and is therefore permitted in most places. (This obviously...

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What medical conditions respond to CBD?

We are learning more about CBD's medical properties every day.   In the recent decade, researchers have made some major discoveries about CBD. The compound is currently being investigated in the following seven medical conditions. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the therapeutic potential of CBD is far-reaching, and these few conditions only represent the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the value of the cannabis compound.   Here are seven medical conditions that may respond to CBD: 1. Epilepsy Research on CBD for epilepsy is by far some of the most advanced in terms of clinical research. Already, one biopharmaceutical company has created a CBD-based anti-epileptic drug called Epidiolex. Invented by Britain's GW Pharmaceuticals, Epidiolex...

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